Tax Reform? They’re Just Kidding About That

If you don’t want to donate to the Red Cross, call the Gateway Area Development District at 606.780.0090 – the organization has established a fund for tornado assistance and relief in Eastern Kentucky. [Just Do It]

The House budget cuts all kinds of university projects. Let’s count the seconds until the costs are passed on to students. [Bluegrass Politics]

Greg Fischer is not a fan of anybody blowing the whistle – especially when they’re blowing the whistle on the Metro Parks director driving drunk in a city-owned vehicle – so he’s allowing their life to be ruined. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The Steve Beshear photo op continues. This time, without Damon Thayer to muck things up. [C-J/AKN, WKYT, WSAZ]

Robin Webb and Walter Blevins, Jr. have to lobby for tax “reform” meetings east of I-75. Yep, just like you suspected, it’s a hot mess and not everyone is being included in the process. Because it’s not really a process. It’s just a show. [Ledger-Independent]

That former Lexington fire chief has turned that city into a hot mess, right? Story just keeps going and going and going. [H-L]

Michele Beard Bachmann says the United States is about to turn into China and have a fancy one baby rule. We hope so. [Wonkette]

The number of hate groups in the U.S. is on the rise. Fed by antagonism toward the president, resentment toward changing racial demographics and the right between rich and poor. [NYT]

Here’s a good look at why Republicans will lose to President Barack Obama. It’s why they’ve all essentially given up. But it was cute to watch while it lasted. [HuffPo]

Really? How you gonna steal food from a Red Cross tornado relief shelter? What kind of person are you? [H-L]

We told you what Murray State’s president was up to yesterday. Naturally, two Murray State employees demanded to know who tipped us off. Like we’d ever reveal sources. Ha. [Page One]

A new report from the Alzheimer’s Association says more than 11,000 Kentuckians with the disease are living alone. [WFPL]

The poisonous atmosphere of the U.S. Senate, stoked by Mitch McConnell himself, is starting to take its toll on the country. [Reuters]

More Kentucky counties could end up getting federal aid. It’s not a contest, people, so calm down. [WLEX18]

2 thoughts on “Tax Reform? They’re Just Kidding About That

  1. “What State Institutions Want You to Know”

    Murray State employee #1: “The world’s comin’ to an effin’ end. We can’t keep state secrets any longer.”

    Employee #2: “Yeah, our poor president now has to take heat for this public issue.”

    Employee #1: “You’d think blogspots writing on state issues would be more friendly to state universities. And they yell about sunshine as a disinfectant!”

  2. “My Country Tis of Mitch”

    Senator Dogood: “The nation is feeling excruciating pain and paralysis, Mitch. Don’t you give a freakin’ rap?”

    Mitch: “We must, above all, continue to analyze how to defeat Obama and thus cure all our ills.”

    Senator Dogood: “No, we need to straighten up, be more courageous, and act for what’s best for the country.”

    Mitch: “You’re an effin’ madman.”

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