Greg Fischer Is Completely Embarrassing, Honestly

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Bill Estep, Joe Gerth, Greg Stotelmyer. It’ll likely be boring this week but you don’t have anything else to do. Just drink bourbon and watch it. [KET]

Here’s a shocker: Kentucky made the Final Four in debt. That’s something else you can be proud of. [Business Week]

What was that, again, about forcing a prescription for Claritin D? Bob Stivers probably cried a little when he realized he couldn’t participate in the Hal Rogers Circlejerk with those shenanigans. You can still lawfully buy medications containing pseudoephedrine without a prescription in Kentucky. Thank goodness some common sense folks realized the gram limit should be lowered. [Bluegrass Politics]

Osama bin Forgotten’s widow is revealing new details about the al Qaeda leader’s life on the run. [HuffPo]

Who cares the most? Check out this graph of voter turnout rates in the most recent election in several countries. You won’t be happy with what you see. [Click the Clicky]

While this Earth Hour thing is a fancy idear? Steve Beshear’s decision to participate will end up costing taxpayers extra cash. Turning the lights off and back on actually costs more money than it does to leave them running. [WLEX18]

Sorry, Greg Fischer, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell your “Cardinal Red Day” set a world record. You’re the damn laughingstock of the national mayoral scene and this doesn’t help matters. [WFPL]

Republicans have retreated on gay marriage because they’ve discovered they can’t profit from hating the gays politically. Pure and simple. And it doesn’t help that there are so many closet cases in Warshington. [Politico]

Eric Crawford wrote a special column for CNN about the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. It’s worth a read. [CNN]

You already know Michele Beard Bachmann is dumb as hell because it takes a special brand of stupid not to know that man is a screaming queen. But now she’s saying people without health insurance should be free to “roll the dice” of life. [Wonkette]

Mormon cultists just can’t help but throw millions of dollars at hating the gays (and non-whites, still?). You should expect much more from a cult that believes in some white salamander and in a human prophet or something. Sister wives, also. In 2008, Mitt Romney’s political action committee made a $10,000 donation to the National Organization of Marriage at a time when the anti-gay rights organization was seeking repeal of a California law legalizing marriage equality. [HuffPo]

A grand jury will review the murder case of an EKU student and Iraq war veteran. [H-L]

Papaw & Jerry Are Going To The Final Four

That’s right – Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson are going to the Final Four.

“It’s a thrilling time to be a basketball fan in the state of Kentucky, because no matter who prevails Saturday night, the championship game will feature a team from Kentucky,” said Gov. Beshear.

Beshear and his entire family will fly to New Orleans on the state airplane. And, of course, Kentucky Democratic Party donors will have to foot the bill by reimbursing state government for the trip. Keep in mind that taxpayers still have to pay for maintenance of the plane – those costs aren’t paid for by the KDP.

Jerry Abramson is also headed south. According to a press release from Papaw’s spokespoops, he will “fly separately on a University of Louisville charter plane, and his travel expenses will not be charged to the state.” Which means he, like Beshear, is receiving thousands of dollars worth of tax-free travel. And taxpayers are likely footing the bill of that UofL plane, too.

Fun times in Kentucky.

Papaw Steve Beshear Really Did Just Give Up

Welp, looks like Papaw Beshear really did give up. The moment he realized the legislature wasn’t going to go gaga for horsey-only gambling, he just cold gave up.

Eight days ago, we wondered why he had given up on keeping state employees and the general public up-to-date with his weekly videos. He dropped to once every other week shortly after the election and has completely stopped post-gambling failure.

Here’s a look:


Nothing since.

Politics trump personal connections with the general public, obviously.

Let’s Talk About That Damn Ark Park. Again.

Yesterday’s story in the Herald-Leader about $2 million in road expenditures for the Ark Park contains several, ahem, questionable bits.


The $2 million would be used to purchase right-of-way and pre-construction work on an interchange with I-75.

But that’s absolutely not the description of how those funds will be used in the piece of legislation approved by Frankfort. It was described as, “Road Improvements to KY-36 from I-75 at Williamstown to approximately 1 mile west of Heekin Clarks Rd.”

Guess it doesn’t matter if the state legislature creates a bill containing public authorization of funds for one purpose while actually using them for something else. “Road Improvements to KY-36” for several miles is quite a bit different than “right-of-way and pre-construction work on an interchange with I-75.”

It’s tough not to believe the focus on I-75 is intentional and an attempt by the corrupt Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to justify the expenditure of tax dollars for the Ark Park:

“The Transportation Cabinet’s interest in enlarging the interchange is to prevent traffic from backing up onto I-75, which would be a significant hazard,” Wolfe said. “The reason for great increases in traffic is immaterial.”

It’s a serious effort by state government to pretend this is like the Kentucky Speedway road improvements. Except, of course, there’s no constitutional measure prohibiting taxpayers from supporting tourism projects and racetracks that are personally offensive to them. Unlike Section 5 of the Kentucky Constitution:

“No preference shall ever be given by law to any religious sect, society or denomination; nor to any particular creed, mode of worship or system of ecclesiastical polity; nor shall any person be compelled to attend any place of worship, to contribute to the erection or maintenance of any such place, or to the salary or support of any minister of religion; nor shall any man be compelled to send his child to any school to which he may be conscientiously opposed; and the civil rights, privileges or capacities of no person shall be taken away, or in anywise diminished or enlarged, on account of his belief or disbelief of any religious tenet, dogma or teaching. No human authority shall, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience.”

Chuck Wolfe, who has a history of just cold making shit up (reference: Ohio River Bridges Debacle), either didn’t know (haha, we’re being nice with that one) or purposefully misrepresents the timing of these highway expenditures. He’s attempting, on behalf of his employer, to plop a wet blanket on any objection and to quieten criticism:

Wolfe said the road project is not slated to begin until 2015, “which allows plenty of time to alter the scope of the project if there are changes in traffic projections,” Wolfe said.

Both the State House and State Senate have created legislation to accelerate Steve Beshear’s Ark Park road expenditures by providing $2 million in the 2012 fiscal year, NOT 2015. Take a look at Page 74 of the Committee Substitute here (Warning: External PDF link) and Page 76 of the plan from the Senate here (Warning: External PDF link).

Somebody has a lot of explaining to do. The House Budget Subcommittee on Transportation, headed by Sannie Overly, accelerated those expenditures for Steve Beshear. There was never any real disclosure of the extent of that acceleration to the legislators who voted to approve them.

Kentucky gets the wool pulled over its eyes. Again. While Chuck Wolfe lies to everybody about millions of your taxpayer dollars. Nothing to see here!

Because this is so ridiculous, here you go:

Are The Folks At WKYT Just Dumb As Hell?

Seriously, are the folks at WKYT dumb as hell? First it was running a location of the crime that the police called out as bogus and now this.

Read this:

We’re learning more about one of the two men charged with killing a Richmond couple.

YouTube video obtained by WKYT shows Daniel Keene calling himself the “Switchblade Messiah” and talks about fighting overseas.

“I will be going to a foreign country soon to end the fight,” Keene says in the video. They have not reckoned with a force this ungodly since the freaking Holocaust.”

The video was uploaded several years ago.

Sounds nefarious and scary coming from a murder suspect, right?

Well, watch the video they don’t bother sharing:

Not so nefarious, is it? Sure, it’s coming from a murder suspect but it seems almost sarcastic. Psychotic Hitler reference aside.

No wonder no one in Kentucky trusts the mainstream media.

Why IS Your Butthole Burning This Year, Kentucky?

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Here’s what President Barack Obama had to say about the Buffett Rule last night: The President proposed the Buffett Rule to ensure a very basic principle of fairness: millionaires shouldn’t pay less in taxes as a share of their income than middle class families pay. The President believes our system must ask the wealthiest to pay their fair share, while protecting 98 percent of Americans from seeing their taxes go up at all. And we can’t accept the Ryan Republican approach that hands out massive tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of investing in the things we need to grow our economy, create jobs and help the middle class. In the next few weeks, Members of Congress will get a chance to vote on the Buffett Rule, and show the American people whether they are willing to make sure the middle class gets a fair shake. We urge Members to vote for this common sense approach. [Press Release]

As you sit around this year wondering why your butthole is burning? It’s not just because you weigh 350 pounds and have roids the size of a cat. It’s because of this placement agent/okay for corruption bill that Frankfort has passed. If Steve Beshear wasn’t bought and paid for, he’d veto the shit out of that mess. [BGDN]

Guess which country tops the ten spending the most on health care. [HuffPo]

Ruh ro! Here comes more corruption. Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has ruled that board members of Buffalo Trace Area Development District have violated Kentucky’s Open Meetings Act related to a vote taken on February 21. [Ledger Independent]

Here’s more about that old man in Knox County who wanted to assplode everything because Jesus or something. [WKYT]

People who discount James Carville’s advice end up with on their face. He’s right about health care reform. He’s the reason Bill Clinton won. Ask Jerry Lundergan about his political acumen. [Politico]

The Senate’s version of the state highway construction plan would put $372 million worth of projects in the district of Senate President David Williams in the next six years. You don’t find out how much cash Greg Stumbo is throwing at Floyd County, where he absolutely does not live (Hello! I’ve been in his home – he doesn’t live there), until the end of the article. Let’s just say the outrage at Williams is feigned. [Tom Loftus]

For-profit colleges would be subject to stiffer oversight under a bill that has cleared the state legislature on Thursday and now heads to Gov. Steve Beshear for consideration. Still no mention about why Jack Conway is wet for for-profit colleges. [H-L/AP]

OMG! Can you believe they let black people vote?! And sometimes allow them to register to vote?! THE HORROR! [Wonkette]

You know you need a Friday morning pee alert. And you know you’ve been wondering why Michelle Duggar has so many damn kids (and how she walks around without her, ahem, convenience store falling out). It’s because she’s dumb as hell! Says there needs to be more children because the world needs more joy. And – get this – overpopulation is a lie. HAHAHA. [HuffPo]

A Frankfort man was arrested late Thursday evening after a 12-hour standoff with the po-leece. Nope, it wasn’t Julian Carroll. [WLEX18]