Gambling Will Fail Until Papaw Stops Screwing It

Patients say the University of Louisville Hospital Emergency Room offers their only option for health care. [C-J/AKN]

Florida legislators tried to take a page out of the Republican playbook in Kentucky on the drug testing front. Naturally, as legislators, they didn’t feel they needed to be tested for drugs. [Wonkette]

What? You mean climate change could have a role in the stability of civilization? And the mouth-breathers are their own worst enemy? You don’t say. [HuffPo]

You know, if you’re the governor or first lady and you hold a presser telling the public they should do something? It’d be a good idea for you to also be doing that something. Especially if you’ve been called out about it in the past. Would also be a good idea for you not to have your spokesperson spin through her teeth when it’s brought up again. [Kentucky Is Screwed]

Once again, Kentucky gets the shaft from Frankfort. Why kill the hemp bill? It could be one of a few major economic booms for the Commonwealth. [FMIKY]

Western Kentucky University needs to get a fucking grip. [H-L]

Speaking of Western Kentucky… how many people are sick over this latest school shooting? All we heard all day long were references to Michael Carneal What a disaster [HuffPo]

You know Kentucky needs a bit of an infrastructure improvement program when an entire city suffers a power outage because of a fire. [WKYT]

Tomorrow, Congressman John Yarmuth will meet with representatives from Kentucky Educational Television in Washington. At least one of Kentucky’s electeds in the nation’s capital cares about the Commonwealth. [Press Release]

Read this. It’s one of the many reasons you should support people in Syria standing up against oppression and corruption. [Mother Jones]

Don’t act surprised that child safety is not always a priority for social workers in domestic violence cases. This is Kentucky. You know how it is. [WLEX18]

As Steve Beshear spends the remaining thousand or however many days in his (likely super-lame duck) term complaining that David Williams ruined gambling for him? Remember that even Democrats are calling him out for the shenanigans of being disconnected. [Page One]

Bill Goodman will discuss gambling again on this program tonight. Despite what guests will say, it’s now a dead issue in this session. It will remain a dead issue until Steve Beshear stops pushing something that only supports a single industry. [KET]

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  1. “How Democracy Works at Bowling Green”

    WKU Freshman: “I guess we can still talk about the weather.”

    WKU Senior: “You idiot, our campus president forbids even his subordinate administrators from doing that except on May Day.”

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