State Govt. Protecting Major Cockfighting Ring?

For several years we have written about animal cruelty and cockfighting in Kentucky. Each time, a predictable subset of society chimes in with half-illiterate responses and attacks.

Here’s just a small taste:

Throughout those same years, there’s been tons of speculation about why tougher cockfighting regulations and animal cruelty laws never see the light of day. The primary focus has always landed on House Speaker Greg Stumbo, who has an apparent penchant for protecting friends and relatives who operate cockfighting rings. Just speculation, of course, since law enforcement is still afraid to go on the record with specifics.

But Greg isn’t the only person in state government keen on this sort of protection. Seems there are several in Frankfort who don’t just defend the cruel act but actively support it.

Take John Purdy, an environmental biologist in Frankfort with the Department of Highways making $52,032, according to the latest salary database search current as of April 2011.

You’ll absolutely want to read the rest of this disaster after the jump…

In 2001, Ernie Fletcher’s office was contacted because he was using his state government cell phone on his cockfighting and cockfighting-related business websites:

He was merely forced to change the number on the sites as a result.

What kind of websites? A site based in the Phillipines catering to discussion of cockfighting, which he operates/operated with a business partner:

And a video production company based in Frankfort that sells cockfighting videos for high prices:

Titles like “2011 World Slasher Cup” for $90:

The registry information for his cockfighting production company:

And other videos filled with animal cruelty:

Purdy is allegedly one of the individuals the Kentucky State Police pursued in search of cockfighting. But he’s been protected by several people in Frankfort.

So what was that, again, about the folks in Frankfort not working to protect cockfighters?

They knew for years that this guy worked for state government and turned a solid blind eye in the coverup.

This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things.

A handful of mouth breathers will leave nasty, misspelled, meth-added comments in 3, 2…

9 thoughts on “State Govt. Protecting Major Cockfighting Ring?

  1. The organized criminals (cockfighters) will be posting some nonsense on here in no time. This is a great posting though. Cockfighting needs to be a felony, just as dogfighting is.

  2. I organized the ballot campaigns that allowed voters in AZ and OK to outlaw cockfighting, and, boy, did I ever hear a load of ignorance from those who enjoy strapping blades to birds for their gambling amusement! The one thing I almost expected was the claim that banning cockfighting would violate the Americans with Disabilities Act, for only stupid people engaged in it. They claimed that a bunch of presidents were into it, whereas only Jackson was and he washed himself of it years before he ran for the presidency. They claimed it was a family sport, yet the presence of small children at the fight I attended was almost the most disturbing aspect of it. They claimed the longest, sharpest blades they attached to birds were humane, for they hastened death. They claimed it was a matter of culture, whereas it pretty clearly evinced a total lack thereof. They claimed there’s no evidence to suggest that roosters can feel pain. And they claimed cockfighting wasn’t animal cruelty because roosters weren’t animals: they’re fowl. Now you can see why I wondered when they’d claim we were discriminating against handicapped people!

  3. Transporation has a new acting Inspector General. Maybe she would like to know how this state cell phone is being used.

  4. Good point.

    I bet there are tons of ways to “get” him but my real issue, here, is that so many people are complicit. And have been complicit for so long.

  5. I will not waist my time any longer on debating wether cockfighting is wrong or right , I am not god to judge these people, but I do no that American rights are being took away from us every day. I just pray that while you all have the law enforcement chasing these guys around over a chicken that a real criminal is not raping or killing your children.

  6. Please don’t “waist” anyone else’s time. I do “no” that some True Americans are badly in need of a rudimentary grammar education.

  7. you people that are against cockfighting are as ignorant as the words you typed. Gamefowl will fight till theres a winner , dead or beaten down till he can’t move, this is their nature, they do this with or without the help of mankind. They are so dominant when the turn of age they will fight their siblings and their father to the death. So for those people that man makes them fight are completely ignorant to the heritage and breeding ,prestige of a gamerooster’s life. And by the way if the gamefowl isn’t wanting to stick around and fight a more dominant gamefowl, there isn’t anything that you or I can do to make him stay, if he doesn’t want to fight,he won’t, and who are we to tell two of god’s creatures that they can’t fight for there honor, home family and their life. God created them for their purpose and beauty. Man didn’t. Come to think about we send our boys and girls out to fight in other countries to be world policeman. They die in other countries protecting my rights, I don’t see the enemy on my ground, we are always sticking our nose in other countries that don’t like americans, so our families pay the price. Let them come to my house and i will show the foreigner’s what fighting is Red Dawn is just a movie , but same principal’s. Have a nice day.

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