It’s A Very Late Pretzeldent Day Round-Up Post

It’s Pretzeldent Day. Of course the round-up is delayed. Expect light posting today, as well.

Ronnie Ellis recapped last week in the legislative session so you should probably go give it a read. [Ashland Independent]

No, this isn’t the last time gambling will come up in Frankfort. It’ll keep coming up until people stop trying to give ownership to a single industry. [C-J/AKN]

Even the editorial board knows that Frankfort rushes major, life-changing decisions through the decision making process. [H-L]

The world is obviously in need of yet another Bill Clinton documentary. Robert Reich, Dick Morris dish on the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Premiers tonight on PBS. [HuffPo]

This is how the foreigns are looking at insider trading in Congress. What an embarrassment. [The Economist]

Did you see what Karen Kelly and crew did over the weekend? They try to play innocent while operating in total secrecy. They act as if they’re under major attack when anyone dares question how they spend millions of dollars of state and federal taxpayer dollars. And then they use those dollars in an attempt to shut websites like this one down. We published proof. [Page One]

The National Council on Teacher Quality released its annual report. Kentucky ranks 27th with a D+. [External PDF Link]

The Fairness Campaign is making a stunt out of this knowing fully well the legislation is dead in the water. Chris Hartman knows 100% the politics involved and the entire group refuses to do what it takes legislatively. They’re afraid to go to David Williams and other hyper-conservative folks to have a face-to-face discussion. So while we all support statewide fairness? Let’s get real. These events are just for show. [C-J/AKN]

The University of Louisville and the Kentucky National Guard have teamed up. [WLEX18]

Here’s how the folks in Bowling Green are looking at the gambling issue. Rather, here’s how they’re looking at constitutionally guaranteeing ownership to five corporations. [BGDN]

If you missed it last week, Greg Fischer’s crew caved after weeks of pressure to authorize a prosthetic limb for an injured paramedic. Yes, it took weeks of pressure and public outrage to make it happen. [The ‘Ville Voice]

First, Rick Santorum attacks President Barack Obama for not loving Jesus enough or whatever. [Reuters]

Then he denies ever questioning his faith. Because that’s how the mouth-breathers operate. [Politico]

2 thoughts on “It’s A Very Late Pretzeldent Day Round-Up Post

  1. Frankfort should be ashamed about their lack of moving Kentucky forward with better teachers. Look at how the surrounding states stack up against Kentucky on providing better teachers. Below is the grading base on the following;
    1)Delivering well-prepared teachers, 2) Expanding the pool of teachers, 3) Identifying effective teachers, 4) Retaining effective teachers and 5) Exiting ineffective teachers.
    I believe teaching is one of the noblest professions but it is time to place education above job preservation.

    Tennessee B-
    Indiana C+
    Ohio C+
    Arkansas C
    Illinois C
    Georgia C
    South Carolina C-
    Alabama C-
    Louisiana C-
    Kentucky D+

  2. Why should you get to honor Abraham Lincoln by not posting much? His own home state cares so little about him that they do not observe the holiday held in his honor.

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