Watching This Gambling Mess Fail Is Kinda Sad

Tom Jensen is planning on trying to ram the meth Rx shenanigans out of committee today. Will it work or will people get wise to the reality that this will cost taxpayers millions of dollars and the average consumer hundreds? [Frankfort Failure]

Remember this sheriff who criticized Rand Paul and was used by Jack Conway for press conferences? He was indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday. [BGDN & WKYT]

Now that Damon Thayer has taken all kinds of heat for being a hypocrite and someone with questionable legislative ethics? He says he’s open to changing the gambling bill if Steve Beshear “wants him to.” [H-L]

He’s the 3rd Vice President of the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association. [Click the Clicky]

Citizens United could be about to get a sequel. The Montana Supreme Court is colliding with the U.S. Supreme Court. [HuffPo]

Will an all-in energy policy bury king coal? You know that industry is freaking out a bit. [Politico]

Here’s a video of Ben Chandler freaking out over criticism of his involvement with Congressional redistricting. [WTVQ]

Oh, look, here’s a cute op-end in A Kentucky Newspaper from Steve Beshear about how Kentuckians deserve to vote on gambling. They do. They just don’t want to vote on whether or not the horsey set gets constitutional rights to ownership. [C-J/AKN]

Yesterday Jake tweeted about Preston Osborne’s executive staff quitting. Guess that silly op-ed didn’t work out too well because it’s all the buzz in Frankfort. [Deep Spinster Thoughts]

This opinion piece from Kansas City about campaign finance illustrates perfectly (and names him) why Mitch McConnell is complicit in campaign finance corruption. It’s a reminder that he literally writes his own rules for the senate. [Kansas City Star]

According to the latest polling data, most people back the White House when it comes to the birth control rule. [Warning: External PDF]

Ever wondered how redistricting works? Wondered what sort of corrupt interests have their hand in the cookie jar without any disclosure requirements? Here’s a deeper look. [Pro Publica]

Some funny people finally noticed that Rick Santorum’s fancy television ad contains actual Santorum (google it) being splattered all over the place. Art imitates life. GREEN BALLOONS. [Wonkette]

Congressional negotiators maybe kinda reached a payroll tax cut deal. Maybe. [HuffPo]

Need another reason to think that mortgage fraud “settlement” was an absolute joke? This audit uncovered extensive flaws in foreclosures. [NYT]

2 thoughts on “Watching This Gambling Mess Fail Is Kinda Sad

  1. OMG, I can’t believe the Santorum ad, how can you step in it any bigger?
    Does anyone else think that Santorum looks like the guy in high school who had that creepy, sneering and condescending look about him?

  2. Talk about a crappy news story. It would have been nice for the Bowling Green paper to provide some details, like what the sheriff allegedly did to deprive someone of their rights. Did he arrest someone that the feds didn’t want him to arrest or something?

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