New Meth Effort Skirting Ethics & Disclosure Laws

Seen this new site being touted by UNITE?

Who is paying Lori Weaver/FtG/Feeding the Globe Marketing for this site? The taxpayers?

The radio ad… who paid for it? Where is it running? How much is being spent?

Since this directs people to contact legislators, has the activity been reported to the Legislative Ethics Commission?

After carping about cash being spent by drug companies on this? They’re now spending untold tax dollars on websites, radio spots and more without disclosing it to the public?

Or is this a non-profit, as they seemingly claim to be while soliciting donations online? There is no information disclosed, as required by law. There’s nothing on file with the Secretary of State.

Something tells us you’ll want to read the rest of this story after the jump, as we expose some quite damaging details…

None of this is helped by the fact that neither Lori Weaver nor any of her businesses operating in Kentucky are registered to conduct business in the Commonwealth.

What’s interesting? Here’s a convention sign-up page for Weaver’s newest employer, Bluegrass Health Media, LLC, which is not registered with the Secretary of State:

Here’s a look at the sign-up page for Operate UNITE’s national prescription drug abuse summit:

Notice any similarities? That’s because Weaver handled both.

Both of those sites are operated by John Kelly and Karen Kelly (married), according to WHOIS data for each website.

Here’s Karen tweeting about it:

Is Karen funneling UNITE money to her husband’s company? John’s company is, at least in part, running the Drug Summit event at Disney World in Orlando. Could UNITE have figured out that this would cause public outrage? Is that why they changed who the checks were sent to? Karen is making mountains of cash at UNITE and is funneling untold amounts to her husband, who is also getting paid.

Is Lori Weaver working for Chris Nolan, a lobbyist listed on the UNITE sign-up page and as CFO of Bluegrass Business Media (aka Healthcare Business Media) and MMLK (of interest: Merck is a client of MMLK. How can Merck pay lobbyists who are taking money to fight in support of an effort they’re trying to stop?) in Frankfort?

Note: Nolan initially handled all the money for the UNITE conference:

But they eventually updated the address for check processing to be handled by the UNITE Foundation:

Is all of this activity being reported to the LEC? And if contributions are going to UNITE, why isn’t that disclosed? (UPDATE: Chris Nolan at MMLK says it’s not him. Doesn’t change the fact that there is zero transparency and accountability. Doesn’t change the fact that lobbying is going on.)

Seems to us that this is a lobbying effort soliciting donations without proper registration or disclosure.

That thing you smell?

It’s corruption and general shadiness all under the guise of protecting the public’s interest.

It’s all just a money making RACKET.

All with your tax dollars.

P.S. In committee today, Phil Osborne’s gal was seated right next to Karen – where she always is. As you know, any funds Phil’s business receives from UNITE don’t have to be disclosed.

UPDATE @ 2:38:

Karen Kelly responded on Twitter saying, “”Realfactsaboutmeth is a 527. Jackie Steele is the chair. My husband donated-the public is donating too.”

She said we were “wrong again.”

About what? That proper disclosure wasn’t made? That she’s making mountains of cash under the guise of protecting the public?

Or that lobbying is being conducted without reporting?

Maybe that she’s paying friends with your taxpayer dollars?

Or – still yet – that they don’t have to report the specifics how their dollars are spent in general?

Don’t hold your breath about getting the truth.

10 thoughts on “New Meth Effort Skirting Ethics & Disclosure Laws

  1. Wow. Your tags say it all, Jake.

    “Corruption · Hal Rogers · Health Care · Hypocrisy · Investigation · Taxes · Wasted Money”

  2. Your entire argument with Karen Kelly on Twitter is absurd. You resort to name calling and tell her to “put up or shut up” when in fact the reports you’re demanding are filed every year. Since you have nothing better to do with your time than rant and pick arguments with people who actuall know what they are doing, instead maybe you should look up some of what UNITE does with their funding. Meth is a problem. It ruins lives. And UNITE is doing a damn good job of trying to fix that.

  3. Where’s the name calling?

    No, the taxpayer dollars spent are NOT detailed and itemized. Lobbying is NOT reported. And there is NO government audit taking place annually.

    Before you concern trolls (hi, Karen!) start foaming at the mouth, I highly suggest you know what you’re talking about when it comes to financials.

    I love that the Kellys are freaking their shit out over being questioned. Also love that people will take what a figurehead says as the absolute gospel without daring question the facts or reality.

    It’s time to put up or shut up, Karen, because you’re full of it.

  4. I’m confused. What exactly are you opposed to? The drug will still be available in capsules. Is your “concern” truly for those without insurance, healtcare costs, etc. or is it your concern that when all of the meth heads quit buying the pseudophedrine tablets required to make meth the drug companies will loose money? Your true “concern” is evident! Oh and by the way who payed for the advertisement at the top of you page?

  5. Click the ad, sweetie, and you’ll see who paid for it. They’re advertising on 99% of news sites in Kentucky and started doing so four years after I started writing about the issue.

    My ad revenue is 100% transparent. Whereas Operation UNITE’s expenditures are primarily secret. Lobbying activity isn’t completely disclosed. Folks receiving compensation are not disclosed. And activity is hidden under the guise of a non-profit and a 527 organization.

    Know what the fuck you’re talking about before lobbing accusations from Karen Kelly. You’re biting off more than you can chew.

  6. So what your saying is if the Real facts about meth organization wanted to advertise on this page you’d allow that?

  7. Dear mouthbreathers continuing to leave “fag” comments: use your fucking brain and READ.

    Use reading comprehension.

    Use the search function.

    Look at the facts from other states, the KSP, et al.

    That’s why there’s serious doubt.

  8. Warning; long run on sentence below

    Does this mean we are guilty by association by purchasing cold medicine without a prescription? You know there is some philosophy in this bill. To be or not to be guilty by association.., nope that’s poetry. Hmmmm, so if I go buy a gun legally and the guy behind me buys a gun legally and he decides to go home with his gun and shoot his spouse for screwing up their breakfast, I am guilty by association and the next time that I want to legally buy a gun, it is going to cost me about $150 more and only if I get a prescription from a Doctor and I’ll be limited to how many guns I want to buy because someone doesn’t like the way their spouse made their breakfast.

  9. Well, I guess if you can’t win the real war on drugs by stopping meth and other hard core drugs from crossing our borders, then you have to justify your existence by making criminals out of law-abiding citizens. I mean, really, like meth manufacturers actually go to Kroger once a month to get their stippend of pseudoephedrine instead of, say, burglarizing drug warehouses or getting it from Mexico where it’s legal.

    And with the the way doctor’s are reluctant to write any prescription for pain medication, I’m sure they’ll be just as eager to write you one for sinus medicine containing pseudoephedrine because everyone wants to be scrutinized by the DEA and Homeland Security.

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