Frankfort Is Rotting Like A Meth Head’s Teeth

Isn’t it interesting that the mainstream media didn’t disclose that the woman testifying about the horrors of meth addiction is a client of Bob Stivers? [Bluegrass Politics]

It’s tough not to wonder how many deceased Kentuckians are on the voter rolls. [Politico]

Did you see Karen Kelly of UNITE trying to get all pissy on Twitter because we dared point out how she’s spending your tax dollars? All defensive and bitter because we dare request transparency for the way millions upon millions of state and federal tax dollars are spent. She was super-angry, accusing us of name calling, which didn’t take place. HOWEVER – who needs class when you wade into the shit pool with a tax dollar-sucking pig? We should have started calling her names. The conversation would have been easier for her to comprehend then. [Frankfort Is A Cesspool]

Those mortgages that crashed the economy? They’re back and are working to regain their street cred. [HuffPo]

Yes, there’s yet another design of CentrePointe in Lexington. Will it ever get built? This thing is like a unicorn. Or, really, like visible abdominal muscles on a straight guy. [H-L]

You can read this long article about Mittens Romney’s working class problem. Or we can sum it up for you in just a few words: Mittens Romney has no idea what “working class” means. [WaPo]

Ferry service and a temporary span are being considered at the site of the collapsed Kentucky Lake bridge. [Ledger & Times]

Rand Paul is finally doing something that everyone can support. He’s demanding action to free detained Americans in Egypt. [WFPL]

Here’s a bit more on the Rand Paul-Americans in Egypt story from Jim Carroll. [C-J/AKN]

Sarah The Quitter Palin is plotting her greatest grift of all. You will pee laughing when you read about it. She thinks she’s going to be appointed Republican nominee. [Wonkette]

Wait. Santorum is trying to get on a Bush? What? We are about to vomit. Again. As if that ad wasn’t bad enough. [HuffPo]

Wondering why the Democrats and many Republicans in Frankfort basically ignore the current group of charter schools folks? [The ‘Ville Voice]

House Bill 70 passed 78-18 today. AN ACT proposing an amendment to Section 145 of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to persons entitled to vote. Propose to amend Section 145 of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow persons convicted of a felony other than treason, intentional killing, a sex crime, or bribery the right to vote after expiration of probation, final discharge from parole, or maximum expiration of sentence; submit to the voters for ratification or rejection. [LRC/HB70]

The final land for the Ark Park has been purchased. How quant. Now Papaw Beshear can get back to giving millions upon millions to promote a children’s story as fact. [WKYT]

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