Little Todd Screwed Up Paychecks For Everybody

Oh, looky here. Fresh off the heels of a disastrous state government audit that essentially indicted State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach with being childish, incompetent and wasteful comes news – from his office – that he screwed up payroll for nearly everybody in state government.

Here’s the release/memo/whatever:



TO: All Employees Receiving Electronic Deposit of Payroll

FROM: Office of the State Treasurer

DATE: February 14, 2012

RE: Electronic Deposit Delay

The data file for the electronic deposit of state payroll payable February 15, sent by the State Treasurer’s Office was not received by the data servers at Chase Bank, the state’s new depository bank. The data file has been resent, and the funds will arrive at all appropriate financial institutions on Wednesday morning, February 15. However, because some institutions do not hard-post until the evening, many employees may not see their funds available for withdrawal until Thursday, February 16. We have verified that financial institutions with whom Treasury has significant contact, including Farmers Bank, Kentucky Employees Credit Union, Commonwealth Credit Union, and Chase Bank, will have the funds available at the opening of business on Wednesday morning, February 15. For your financial institution’s policy on posting, you should contact them directly.


Maybe Todd should take a break from pretending to clean restrooms so he can make sure people get paid when they’re supposed to.

2 thoughts on “Little Todd Screwed Up Paychecks For Everybody

  1. That’s embarrassing! Usually you go through a number of tests to insure timely and correct deposits.

    Although, would the state be liable should this delay cause any type of overdraft or missed payment of a state employee?

    And tell me again why the switch to Chase Bank, in lieu of “in-state” banking.

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