Raise Your Hand If You Think Gambling’ll Happen

Have you seen the latest stunts by recycled PR hack Bob Gunnell in an attempt to disenfranchise the poor, elderly, blind in one of the most diverse, populous neighborhoods in the entire Commonwealth? It’s a real shame Steve Beshear and Adam Edelen allow this man to claim he’s their “best friend.” And it’s even more disgusting that he would think he could get away with this bullshiz. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Isn’t it entertaining to watch reporters act surprised to find out Hal Rogers has earmarked more than $7 million since 2002 to directly benefit his family? [H-L]

Mitt Romney’s mormon cultism or whatever it is he’s calling it doesn’t sell well with the American people. Here’s just one tiny example of why people will think he’s crazy when the time comes for him to really campaign. [Wonkette]

Do you trust Republicans in Warshington to put an end to insider trading in Congress? You shouldn’t – not if you don’t trust the Democrats. [HuffPo]

Papaw Beshear says there’s plenty of time remaining in the legislative session to address the expansion of gambling. [Bluegrass Politics]

Why is it the current state of affairs that we’re forced to shop around for surgery in the United States of America? Making health care costs transparent is a good thing but let’s get real. [The Economist]

Meet the obscure regulator who is not helping homeowners. This is why America can’t have nice things. [Pro Publica]

The payroll tax cut extension isn’t just a mess in the making. It’s been a nightmare for a long time. [Politico]

Here’s a shocker: second-hand smoke in cars with kids is a bad thing. [NPR]

It’s still hilarious to us that there are communities in Kentucky that refuse to allow alcohol sales. [H-L]

Just because the woman that crazy constable guy shot got arrested for drugs? Doesn’t mean his actions are okay. [C-J/AKN]

Lawwwd, you can’t even drive around near Georgetown College these days without getting car jacked. [WLEX18]

How do you feel about Sylvia Lovely getting to continually play with your tax dollars? [Page One]

1 thought on “Raise Your Hand If You Think Gambling’ll Happen

  1. I will not vote for gambling if the race tracks are to have an “exclusive”. Why should taxpayers favor the racing industry being the sole beneficiary of such an amendment? IMO each entity, be it Churchill Downs, Galt House, Caesar’s or Knights of Columbus, should be required to submit a proposal. The state will choose on the basis: “what’s in it for the state?”

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