Little Todd Has An Audit Problem Looming

On top of this afternoon’s earlier story about Little Todd Hollenbach and his problems with insurance…

We hear an upcoming statewide audit may not be so kind to the little man.

While no one in state government will confirm anything on the record, we have no reason not to suspect that personnel software the state purchased – for tens of millions of dollars – is still a disaster and everybody knew it would be before it was launched.

You know this is going to be a hot mess. The excuses Hollenbach will likely provide will be just as awkward as the way he’s run the office.

It’s only a matter of time until that joint is abolished.

4 thoughts on “Little Todd Has An Audit Problem Looming

  1. The state spent a whole lot of time and money on IBM software before abandoning it in favor of SAP. Which, of course, meant they had to start from scratch when they changed vendors. And they still can’t get the system right. It’s failing to deduct some local payroll taxes from some employees who work outside of Frankfort, resulting in them getting billed by the cities where they work. It eats vacation and sick leave hours. There’s no telling how many W-2s it screwed up, as well.

  2. It’s just very sad. Some state employees just started signing their timesheets electronically. That was touted as an accomplishment. To quote you, Jake, “Head. Desk.”

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