Schaaf Of Legislative Ethics Fabricating Shit

UPDATE: Have so far heard from legislators on both sides of the aisle in both houses, LRC staffers, capitol folks, people in the governor’s office, Jim Gray’s office, state employees, AOC staff, the EBEC and attorneys galore. Unlike Jack Conway, Elaine Walker, Steve Beshear and a couple others who childishly have tried every way imaginable to defame me and ruin my livelihood, I put my money where my mouth is. I think everyone has found out that I don’t take something on if I can’t win. And I’m tired of these Keith Hall sons of bitches running roughshod over everything that is holy in this Commonwealth.

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John Schaaf, of the Legislative Ethics Commission, apparently wants me to personally chap his lying ass. He wants me to make the legislature roll its eyes at his bullshit organization even more than it already does.

Check the latest from a newsletter he sends out each month:

A website called Page One recently published false statements about the members of the Legislative Ethics Commission. In the first false statement, a website poster claimed: “All but one member of the (Legislative Ethics) Commission have contacted me over the past several months to express outrage . . . “

In the second false statement, the poster claimed: “Now they’re freaking out via email because they’re experiencing tons of legislative pressure for daring express their thoughts privately.”

Contacted for this newsletter, eight members of the Commission said they’ve never had contact with the website poster, there’s been no “legislative pressure” on any issue, and they are unfamiliar with the website.

Looks like Schaaf – who I told you last week is under serious pressure to cover his own ass – is under more pressure than I thought.

He’d lose his job today if I published everything his ass has said to me. And everything the members of the commission have said. He knows he can try to get away with it because I guarantee confidentiality when working with someone who requests/demands it.

So, John Schaaf: tread lightly. When you accuse me of making shit up, I will focus my high beams on you personally. You know I have enough friends in the legislature to find out anything I need to find out. Not just because they like me but because you’re one of the most corrupt sons of bitches in Frankfort. When you play passive aggressive and try to undermine my integrity, I can and will fight back. Legally and ethically, of course. And we all know Ethics in Kentucky are a fucking joke because of people like you.

You can continue apologizing for and making excuses for the way you’re pussing out on Keith Hall all you want. But I have nothing to lose in pursuing the bullshit you’re peddling.

You wanna play? I will play. Mark these words.

To everyone else: Now you see how bogus the Legislative Ethics Commission is.

If you work in state government and have something on Schaaf? Send it to via email. I guarantee your confidentiality.