Rand Won’t Let You Pat Him On His Butt, Folks

Folks all over the state are itching to find out why Hickman Mayor Charles Murphy was killed this morning. [H-L]

This Thursday at 10:00 A.M., Commissioner of Agriculture Jamie Comer will attend the State Fair Board meeting in Louisville. Comer needs to bring up the fact that the state still owes Ed Hart millions of dollars that he put up to get the Kentucky Kingdom deal going. It’s time for the state to start screwing people over like that. [Press Release]

Rand Paul’s staff is hitting back over the TSA’s semantics play with today’s Nashville detainment/delay/whatever. [Daily Caller]

Remember when he was angry over TSA pat downs?

Now Rand is getting super-suspcious and is going all “time for a Senate inquiry” on the TSA. [TPM]

Jack Conway spent most of last week claiming that Kentucky’s pill problem was drying up. Then the State-Journal ran a story that was, ahem, quite the contrary. This Wednesday is grand jury day in Franklin County and we hear even more pill indictments will roll out. Expect a big story in that paper on Thursday about pills and organized crime. Jack would have known about this massive problem that’s getting worse in Central Kentucky if he’d bothered to work with Sheriff Pat Melton. [Whoopsiedaisy]

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the government violated privacy rights in its GPS tracking case. [ACLU]

Remember Todd Lally? Now he wants to run for the newly-created 10th District State House seat in Eastern Jefferson County. [Ryan Alessi]

Neither Jim Gray nor Greg Fischer are joining their colleagues in the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry. [Here & Here]

Who exactly are the 1 percent? The very rich in America increasingly work in finance, marry each other and care about politics. [The Economist]

Go read this story about Super PACs and how crazy they are. [Pro Publica]

80% of Americans want full disclosure of meetings between Congresspeople and regulators. [Rasmussen Reports]

Maybe Jamie Comer should think twice about firing the state apiarist to give the job to one of his friends. [H-L]

Here’s Steve Beshear cutting mine safety funds just months after mining deaths. This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things. It’s entertaining watching outsiders act all surprised that this sort of thing goes on in Frankfort. [Think Progress]

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