Tornadoes Came Because Of The Budget Address

Tons of specimens collected by Charles Darwin have been uncovered and a new online “museum” is opening today. [HuffPo]

From the Department of Things That Actually Happened: Rick Perry called on a mannequin with its hand raised to ask him a question. [Wonkette]

Did President Barack Obama give up on diplomacy too soon when it came to Iran? [The Economist]

Surely we’re not the only folks excited to see how many millions of dollars Newt Gingrich has wasted on jewels and shiz. [Politico]

Rick Perry says it’s just a kid mistake for Marines to urinate on Afghan corpses. Yep, just a kid mistake and not a nightmare for diplomacy. [CNN]

What does Ron Paul want out of this presidential race stunt thing he’s got going on? [The Hill]

You are super-excited that Kentucky’s public universities are bracing for cuts and performance-based funding. As Jim Ramsey rakes in millions and Shirley Q rakes in just as much. [Ryan Alessi]

A record 84 percent of Americans say they disapprove of the way the Congress is doing its job compared with just 13 percent who approve of how things are going, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll. [Reuters]

Cutting-edge text analytics are helping the Obama campaign determine voters’ hopes and fears. [Slate]

Indiana issued the nation’s first LGBT license plate. Faux Family Foundation folks are freaking out. [The Bilerico Project]

On Thursday, Jamie Comer will attend a press conference to introduce industrial hemp legislation with Richard Henderson. On Friday night, he’ll eat porkchops in Bowling Green. [Press Release]

The weather was crazy today, it was 60 degrees and there were all kinds of tornaders. Just like Frankfort. [H-L]

People are still freaking out over First Lady Michelle Obama’s “angry black woman” remark because they’re afraid to deal with race. [The Hill]

1 thought on “Tornadoes Came Because Of The Budget Address

  1. “The Bloated Honchos in Academe”

    Jake, you are right on about the monumental salaries for the lame likes of JR and Shirl W. Over the past few decades, the rise in administration and auxiliary services has been one of the main upticks in college costs. Much of the latter is not in the domain of academics. For JR, Shirl, and other honchos to be making such scandalously high salaries is a principal reason for the public’s lack of trust and support in colleges and universities. And, believe me, KY is not getting anywhere near its money’s worth from those honchos. It amounts to a pathetic scam on the citizenry that never gets any real account of what is going on–i.e., accountability is in the world of fiction in much of academe (especially at Belknap with its secretive and huge Foundation money). Let them eat stale cake.

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