Beshear Administration Folks Allegedly Threatening Social Workers With Retribution

You know what’s crazy but not surprising? Some of the social workers interviewed for this Debby Yetter story tell us they were threatened with retribution. [C-J/AKN]

Told ya Richie Farmer was dumber than a rock and more corrupt than Keith Hall, Ruth Ann Palumbo and Jim Gooch combined. Nearly $500,000 worth of equipment is MISSING from the Department of Agriculture. You won’t believe the list of equipment. Take a look. [H-L]

Wait for it, wait for it. Now Jim Ramsey is calling for a review of the Quality and Charity Care Trust (indigent care board) at the University of Louisville. This is precisely why it would have been a bad idea for Adam Edelen to take a seat on the UofL Foundation board while a candidate. [FOX41]

Ron Paul is apparently the most dangerous man in the Republican Party. [WaPo]

Wait, maybe he’s just a dilemma for Republicans? Most can’t stomach his desire to kill all kinds of federal agencies. [Reuters]

Greg Stumbo and pals are now getting into personal squabbles over redistricting. That’s what a hot mess it is. Flustercuck, truly. [Ronnie Ellis]

Rand Paul gave $500,000 of his U.S. Senate budget back to the gubmint. [WAVE3]

Hold on to your panties, everyone, because Republicans are mad about a debt ceiling increase that they already agreed to. [Wonkette]

Laughter, tears and fond recollections filled Gatewood Galbraith’s memorial service. [H-L, WTVQ, C-J/AKN]

Patrick Leahy, author of the controversial PROTECT IP anti-piracy bill now says “more study” is needed. Which says to us that he didn’t actually write it. Maybe he’s bought and paid for like everyone else. [WSJ]

President Barack Obama is seeking greater power to shrink the federal government. Somehow, though, the teabaggers will find a way to freak out about this. [HuffPo]

Urgent breaking news: sometimes when it snows in the winter? It gets slick. But 99% of the population forgets. Every year. [WKYT]

Stephen Colbert is now toying with a run for the presidency in South Carolina. Not only would it wreak havoc on politics? It’d help point out how corrupt campaign finance has become. [Politico]

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  1. Redistricting really brings out the, “it’s all about me” syndrome that most politicans suffer from.

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