Jody Richards Knows Shenanigans Are Underway

Tomorrow at 11:00 A.M., Jamie Comer and Adam Edelen will make an announcement at the Department of Agriculture. It’s billed as being “important” and you can only imagine what it may be. [Media Fun Times Are Ahead]

Jody Richards and Rick Nelson voted no on House Bill 2. And Greg Stumbo’s redistricting map passed along party lines to the State Senate, where it will die. [Deep Frankfort Failures]

Allowing Kentucky school buses to be moving billboards seems silly. The Kentucky Department of Education wouldn’t be hurting so badly if so much cash wasn’t wasted on frivolous crap. There’s no reason Kentucky schools need to be paying for teachers to take their spouses on conference trips. Absolutely no reason. And that’s just scratching the surface. Adam Edelen needs to sack up and audit that mess RIGHT NOW. [CN|2]

Rick “The Froth” Santorum will allow you to own one of his armpit-aerating sartorial staples – a necessity for anyone with anger management issues, because anger causes sweat – for the low, low price of $100. Snatch up your sweater vest today. [Wonkette]

It’s time for a reality check on the meth problem in Kentucky. If we’re gonna get a handle on this issue, we at least need to keep the facts straight. [Page One]

Andy Barr released a statement about House Bill 2 today and tried to tie Ben Chandler into it in the weirdest way possible. We keep waiting for Barr to hit hard and will continue to do so. Surely he can start digging in where Republicans and Democrats want to pay attention. [Press Release]

Are Super PACs the WMDs of campaign finance? Yep. And it’s highly entertaining watching Republicans reap what they sewed in the form of “free speech.” [The Atlantic]

Wait, Rick Perry is still a thing? [Politico]

The State House Education Committee approved HB40, which authorizes a statewide teacher evaluation system. [H-L]

Ron Paul got really mad at CNN again. Just after he finished complaining about how nobody paid attention to him or whatever. [The Hill]

Following the Metro Sewer District shenanigans in Louisville? Then keep your eye on this latest project and make sure nothing nefarious goes down. [C-J/AKN]

The honeymoon is officially over for Greg Fischer. Mr. Buzz Words is being forced to face reality and no longer gets to enjoy the free ride. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The Pope says gay marriage is a threat to the future of humanity. Funny, we thought Brown Coats were the real threat. [HuffPo]