It’s A Really Big Day For Flashbacks In Kentucky

Bob Gunnell, who loves to tell people he “left” Peritus because they didn’t support Steve Beshear (they’re “close friends,” you know) enough, is focused on keeping a select few super-wealthy people in Louisville’s Mockingbird Valley from having to see any poor people using sidewalks. And he’s focused on trash talking the folks who support making Kentucky’s cities more walkable, livable and healthy. So maybe it’s time to start talking about how all of this happened, nearly costing Peritus a major client. Or how he was a major Steve Henry apologist who once sat Jake down at a coffee shop begging him to stop talking about Henry. [This Is Why Kentucky Democrats Are Corrupt]

Walter Blevins, Jr. has decided not to seek re-election. Eastern Kentuckians aren’t happy about it. [Ruh Ro]

The local press in the Fourth District is paying close attention to Thomas Massie’s candidacy to replace Geoff Davis in the U.S. Congress. [Ashland Independent]

Poor people in the United States pay way more for care insurance than the wealthy. Don’t act like you’re surprised in the least. [HuffPo]

Mitch McConnell’s new revisionist history is about the worst we’ve seen out of him in a long time. [TPM]

One of the sad things about Greg Fischer’s lack of any sort of experience is watching EMS workers like this guy suffer the consequences. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Did you know that February is EARTHQUAKE AWARENESS MONTH in Kentucky? The more you know, kids. [SoS]

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services received a $600,000 federal grant – handed over by the Governor’s Office of Electronic Health Information – to connect behavioral health and primary care providers. We can’t help but wonder if those funds wouldn’t be better spent making sure social worker caseloads weren’t outrageous. [Press Release]

Will Warshington do the right thing and stop insider trading by lawmakers? [The Consumerist]

Dear Kenny Coleslaw: You should have included quotes from Steve Beshear saying we WOULD NOT consider tax reform in Kentucky. That would maybe prove he’s lying his ass off about flip-flopping. And it’s not just now that people are talking about this. [WFPL]

Former Rand Paul staffer Chris Hightower filed today to run for the State House. Mainstreamers are clamoring for the opportunity to interview him so they can dredge up the Paul campaign history. They likely won’t mention that all of the shenanigans were caused by David Adams and will attempt to lay all blame at the feet of Hightower. [Page One]

Can you hear them now? The Federal Reserve is making its views heard loudly and clearly. [The Economist]

Remember the McDonald’s incident in 2004 where a crank caller talked a manager into forcing an employee to strip? There’s a film about it. It premiered at Sundance. [Sundance]

A hearing over redistricting maps will be held Monday. So the filing deadline has officially been put on hold in Kentucky. [Ryan Alessi]

Sylvia’s Book Sighting Caused A Big Flashback

This morning’s Sylvia Lovely book sighting almost caused our feeble brains to short circuit. Then we remembered that Sylvia had a blog before she became an important food expert radio host-turned-lobbyist.

The post titled “Be Nobody’s Darling – Alice Walker, Author of the Color Purple” has mysteriously disappeared. Even “An Interesting Encounter” is no more.

So thank goodness this post came to mind:

I was never comfortable blogging. Nearly everyone is doing it these days, yet that doesn’t seem to be reason enough. To just spout off my opinion on some controversial topic nearly every day and expect you to answer seems a bit presumptuous. I have learned if anything, it’s not to be that. What I do like to do is write and record stories in order to understand better the times in which we live.

For that reason, I am going to continue writing but not as a “blogger.” What do I mean by that? Well, I call it “The Chevy S-10 Chronicles”. Now, that begs explanation. First of all, why Chevy S-10? I’ll get to that in a moment but let me first observe that I had this truck long before Scott Brown arrived on the scene and won the Massachusetts primary. I’d put my truck and likely the authenticity of how I came to acquire it up against his explanation any day.

But, onto the story. When my company- owned car went away (for reasons too complicated to go into here), I was in a quandary. I had not owned a car in 20 years. I had been provided a company car as a part of my compensation package.

No, blogging didn’t work out for her.

But you see that bit in bold? Her “company- owned car” that “went away.” Yeah. Sorry we forgot to share that with you a couple years ago.


Ruth Ann Palumbo Would Face Charges In Indiana

The Indiana Secretary of State is in big trouble for doing nearly exactly what Ruth Ann Palumbo is doing:

Jury selection began Monday for embattled Ind. Secretary of State Charlie White.

White is charged with seven felonies including voter fraud and perjury. It all stems from allegations that he lied about where he lived in 2010 so he could continue collecting his salary as a member of the town council in Fishers, Ind.

We first wrote about it in November. Then the Herald-Leader picked it up. Then she started a smear campaign. And we pointed out some of the specifics in the KRS that make what she’s doing illegal.

But no one in Frankfort sees this as an issue because she’s a Democrat.

Former Rand Paul Staffer Running For Office

Former Rand Paul staffer Chris Hightower will file today to run for Martha Jane King’s old State House seat.

While Hightower is sure to ruffle Democratic feathers over his old MySpace profile from a few years ago, he’s got a good shot. He’s obviously going to beat Jo Orange and Kent Wilson based on name ID and organization alone. If he can raise $45,000-$50,000 – and that’s likely through the Paul network – he could also beat Tom Noe in the general election.

Hightower’s views seem to be much more common sense than the other folks in the race. His past controversy certainly won’t hurt him in the district. The last organization to run and win in the area was Jonathan Hurst’s and they’re not going to step up to the plate this year.

I’ve spoken with Hightower and his folks a bit and I think he’s honestly going to surprise most people. He wants to reform the state pension system and says he won’t participate in the plan, he’s not blaming Barack Obama for all of Kentucky’s problems and he hasn’t once used a recycled Republican Party talking point. While it’s early, it seems like Hightower will be quite an independent candidate.

So. What’s your prediction, folks?

No Words Necessary For This Sylvia Thing

Spotted at a bookstore in Lexington:


It’s funny cause it’s true.

Almost as funny as that time Jim Newberry donated her book to the lieberry. No, not Turd Burgling & Taxpayer Fleecing: Putting The Swindle Wool Over Their Eyes And Complaining When Caught. This is what we’re talking about.

Definitely not as funny as that time she referred to herself as the “Britney Spears of central Kentucky,” though. Or when she literally fleeced the taxpayers left and right.