Bad Budgetary Outlook Will Be Used For Gambling

Homeowners associations are completely out of control and something needs to be done to police them. [H-L]

Who is behind the anti-Gary Moore for Congress website? Our money is on David Adams, as it looks like every attack site he creates. And he’s the only person talking about this guy that literally no one else cares about. [Whoops]

Told ya Katie Stine wants to run for the 4th District congressional seat. It’ll never happen, though. [Ryan Alessi]

Every you-know-what in the state house is puckering right now over Kentucky’s bleak budgetary outlook. [WKYT]

Mitch McConnell is leaving Orange Man John Boehner out on a limb. He hopes he goes away ASAP. [Politico]

Your confused, Faux-watching meemaw is going to be so excited to learn George W. Bush is coming to Richmond to speak at a church in May. But she’ll need to drop at least $250. [WLEX18]

Finally some good news for Madison County. Berea snagged $30 million in grants to help students in poor counties. [H-L]

Greg Fischer says Occupy Louisville is a bunch of campers and should only be allowed a presence during daylight hours. What the hell does he have to say about homeless people who have no choice but to stay outside after dark? And the hilarious excuses about why protesters need to leave the tiny park no one uses? HAHAHA. No wonder he was too cowardly to show up at WFPL yesterday. [C-J/AKN]

Lost in the noise over the National Defense Authorization Act’s detention provisions were some equally disturbing rules regarding the transfer of terrorist suspects to foreign countries. [Mother Jones]

One of the suspects in the Henry County animal mess apparently committed suicide and was found dead outside his home. [WKYT]

Let the puma cougars get their panties all twisted up in 3, 2… all kinds of Hillary 2012 robocalls are going out. [HuffPo]

Looks like maybe Greg Fischer is playing both sides of the fence when it comes to corruption and wasted money at MSD in Louisville. [The ‘Ville Voice]

1 thought on “Bad Budgetary Outlook Will Be Used For Gambling

  1. “I Did the Right Thing, and Then What?”

    Empress Elaine: “Mitch, stay home til this payroll tax cut mess boils over.”

    Mitch: “For once in my damn political life, I did the right thing and I get crapped on. I hate Boehner!”

    Empress: “Go get a pannini at the UofL library and go read some of that rhetorical stuff at the McConnell Center. You always feel better then.”

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