Henry County Isn’t As Bad As Louisville’s Shelter

Just what Kentucky needs. Another “Democrat” (former Republican) with a scandalous past trying to run for legislative office. This is going to get interesting. [Deep Political Sadness]

It’s interesting to watch everybody freak out about some animals discovered in a mess in Henry County. It’s also interesting that they never bother to get upset – because the mainstream media absolutely ignores it – about Louisville Metro Animal Services, where several hundred animals die each month. All while Greg Fischer and his inexperienced staff lie and mislead. [WKYT]

On December 20 and 21, members of the State House will have to truck it to Frankfort – at the request of Greg Stumbo – to be briefed on the state’s budget disaster and Medicaid nightmare. [Hot Frankfort Mess]

A new undercover report finds widespread illegal gun sales online in Kentucky. Mouth-breathers will freak out in 3, 2… [WFPL]

HAHAHA. Louisville Failure Greg Fischer is such a pussy that he doesn’t want fireworks to be sold in the home city of THUNDER. [C-J/AKN]

The Southern Baptist Cult is terrified that it printed up some pink bibles. Meanwhile, all the gays at the SBC are snickering in their cubicles and offices. [H-L]

Really, we can’t wait for a gubmint shutdown. We need this to be like 1995 all over again. [Wonkette]

Newt Skywalker and the Moon Mirror. This is truly pee-worthy and you need to read it. [Foreign Policy]

Oh my goodness. The gems keep coming today! Sexytime Herman Cain says he would like to be secretary of defense. [HuffPo]

Sometimes things happen in Greg Fischer’s government that defy logic. Somethings they’re so dumb your head hurts. [The ‘Ville Voice]

We’re still watching the Democratic Governors Association foam at the mouth at Chris Christie’s helicopter ride to his kid’s ball game. Interesting that they never mention Steve Beshear’s $85,000 in personal trips on a state plane. [Hypocrisy Is Thick]

The folks in Madison County can weigh in – in court – on the Bullitt County smoking ban but they can’t be bothered to stop anti-gay discrimination. [Richmond Register]

Jefferson County Public Schools can’t get anything right. The latest? 6,500 test results were sent to incorrect addresses. [FOX41]