Kentucky Really Dodged A Bullet On Greg Fischer

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Ronnie Ellis, Tom Loftus, Greg Stotelmyer. You know it’ll be a good show when Ronnie is on. [KET]

If all children were aborted, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. So let’s abort all children. [HuffPo]

Republicans refuse to tax millionaires fairly. Millionaires don’t object. Imagine that. [NPR]

Police may not like being filmed but they better get used to it. Technology and civil liberties go hand-in-hand. [The Economist]

There are still too many lingering questions about what’s going on at Kentucky Retirement Systems. [Page One]

Jim Gray decided to just cold move his fancy Christmas tree outside city hall. Hahaha. [H-L]

None of us here think Alison Grimes’ transition team warrants an entire story so we’re just going to link to one about it. But really – Julian Carroll and Teresa Isaac handling the budget?! HAHAHA. [WFPL]

What was that, again, about hospice not being a booming, money-making industry? [Bloomberg]

23 double-dippers in New Jersey are pocketing millions of dollars. The same thing is happening in Frankfort. [NJ Watchdog]

Ben Chandler finally decided to wake up and he’s asking questions about the potential closure of the Lexington post office. [WLEX18]

According to a poll from the Harvard Institute of Politics: Young Iowa voters are less excited and passionate about the 2012 election than they were in 2008. [Press Release]

With a whopping 60% of death penalty cases in Kentucky getting overturned, you’d think it would be common sense to suspend this murderous practice. [Ronnie Ellis]

There’s a lot from Louisville today regarding Greg Fischer and the disastrous Metro Animal Services. A former employee speaks up about Fischer’s bogus claims, the director says something stupid about the press and a Republican on Metro Council shows some real leadership. Can you imagine what a disaster Fischer would have been if he were elected to the United States Senate? [The ‘Ville Voice Here, Here & Here]