Will Irv Maze Do The Right Thing In UofL Case?

Kentucky is apparently known as one of the filthiest states in the nation. [WHAS11]

The paper in Frankfort is pretending to be so excited about the inauguration that it’s borderline eye-roll worthy. But here’s a good story with lots of details. [State-Journal]

You can “express” yourself all you want, up until the cops/nervous mayors/freaked out bank executives decide your face would look a little more friendly to them with pepper spray in it. [Wonkette]

Republicans in Warshington are 100% obstructionists. That’s all they are. Nothing more. Starting with Mitch McConnell. [HuffPo]

If you’re racist or want to say racist things about people? You probably shouldn’t be a professor at Berea College. [H-L]

Kentucky power plants yet again ranked among the nation’s worst polluters. [WFPL]

A new report seems to indicate that Kentucky is getting shortchanged on child poverty funding. “Moving across the Ohio River shouldn’t mean putting your children’s future at risk. We are counting on Congressman Geoff Davis, who chairs the U.S. House committee responsible for TANF, to deliver for Kentucky’s children on this issue,” said Terry Brooks, Executive Director of Kentucky Youth Advocates. [First Focus & Press Release]

American households have taken the biggest hit since 2009. Household wealth is basically non-existent. [HuffPo]

A judge is set to inspect the University of Louisville Hospital merger records. Will Irv Maze do the right thing? [C-J/AKN]

California and Nevada are joining forces in this mortgage fraud probe. Jack Conway is nowhere to be found. [LA Times]

Everybody was freaking out over some boombooms in Louisville yesterday. So take a look at some photos of the funtimes at Fort Knox that caused all the fear. [FOX41]

Seems like Eastern Kentucky just can’t catch a break from bad news this year. Particularly when it comes to death and traffic accidents. [WKYT]

A preliminary Environmental Protection Agency report on apparent groundwater contamination in Wyoming from the gas drilling method called hydraulic fracturing could shake up the battle over federal regulation of the practice. [The Hill]

2 thoughts on “Will Irv Maze Do The Right Thing In UofL Case?

  1. “The Deadly Sound of Silence at Belknap”

    Re: the UofL Hospital merger shenanigans–
    Why does UofL operate in secrecy so much? What does it continually seek to hide? Is this not repugnant in a supposedly free, open society (as true universities are meant to be)? It appears that UofL is a campus filled with cockroaches that live best in the dark. But what else is new at Belknap? And will it ever stop?

  2. I can tell you this much for sure: Irv Maze is the straightest arrow I’ve ever known and will call it exactly like he sees it. To those who have known or worked with Irv, that has been both refreshing and sometimes difficult, but he NEVER lets politics get in the way. How you or the press spin the outcome is an unknown, but you can bet the farm that Irv will do exactly what he thinks is right.

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