Of Course The Cabinet Knows Why She Resigned

Of course Patricia Wilson’s resignation had something to do with the legal battle facing the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Why else do you think the cabinet pulled in a bunch of new attorneys last week? The fact that Jack Brammer took the cabinet’s word is almost as bad as what’s going on at the cabinet right now. [H-L]

Yep, Alison Grimes got a personal contribution from President Bill Clinton. The first of its kind in Kentucky. [Ryan Alessi]

Ben Chandler’s seat is the focusing of redistricting in Kentucky but Democrats may want more. [WaPo]

Guess which misguided political appointee of Steve Beshear’s didn’t know her office – which she’s leaving to take a cushy state job at the end of the hear – had a budget ready for the next year. We can’t wait to see how her new agency suffers. [Deep Frankfort Thoughts]

The Andover Forest Homeowners Association still needs to get its ass handed to it over trying to force this mess. If you aren’t paying attention, you need to. And you need to stand up for this kid. [WLEX18]

The power is out at Capital Plaza Tower and Fountain Plaza Shops in Frankfort and all employees were told to stay home today. A transformer failed last night. Guess a lot of folks will get to watch their stories all day long. [Press Release]

Sexytime Herman Cain’s sexytime lady is sharing creepy new details about their creepy sexytimes. To think this all started in Louisville. [HuffPo]

Greg Stumbo is right. KASPER has been ignored for eight years and UNITE is only slightly less of a joke than Bob Farmer’s failed campaign. [Ronnie Ellis]

It’s almost sad watching people who think they can talk sense into Mitch McConnell when it comes to job creation and the economy. [Daily Kos]

Don’t worry, Steve Beshear will only choose carefully when selecting Carl Campbell’s successor when it comes to what his campaign donors have to say. Tom FitzGerald’s resignation should solidify that in your mind. [H-L]

John David Dyche literally cries himself to sleep at night worrying about why people think Mitch McConnell got wealthy off the public teat. Funny that he doesn’t mention a certain Chinese shipping company or that, you know, he made all of his money off his wife while she was a big shot. [C-J/AKN]

A body discovered in Bell County led to the murder arrest of 32-year-old William Anderson of Flat Lick. [WKYT]

No one who breathes through their nose or who can read without moving their lips supports Michele Bachmann. So it’s fitting that the wingnuts have decided she is okay with their Jesus or whatever now that all the men have started sucking. [Wonkette]

Mitt Romney spent nearly $100,000 in state funds to hide records at the end of his gubernatorial term. We’re just waiting to hear details of whatever Steve Beshear tries to hide because they’re already flipping out about what Elaine Walker is leaving behind for Alison Grimes to discover. [Reuters]

You know how Republicans and racist sheriff Joe Arpaio keep freaking out about immigration? Turns out it’s a disappearing problem. [The Economist]

But that won’t stop Arpaio from, you know, not investigating sex crimes if a non-white is the victim in a case. [More HuffPo]

3 thoughts on “Of Course The Cabinet Knows Why She Resigned

  1. Since this is post for today’s news…hear that Comer’s transition commission is meeting this week in Frankfort and already interviewing people for jobs even though they haven’t finished meeting with current employees yet. Frontrunners for his new communications person are Michael Goins who is currently works for Rep. Geoff Hoover and Republicans in Frankfort and Doug Hogan who is news director for ABC in Louisville or Lexington. Apparently both of these people worked for former Governor Ernie Fletcher. At least 3-4 current employees in the Governor’s Office for Agriculture apparently want to move to this department because they’re wanting to be employed too.

  2. Hogan and Goins swapped jobs between the governor’s office and KTC in the Fletcher administration several times. They couldn’t be more different. Goins is a micromanager and Hogan’s very laid back and hands-off. My money’s on Goins, since he did some campaign work for Comer. Hogan’s tight with David Williams since they are both from Burkesville.

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