Hey! Big Noted River Rock Expert News To Share!

I hear through the gayvine that Stephenie Steitzer will be Adam Edelen’s communications director. This may be Adam’s smarted decision in a long time. We all know her integrity is tops. [Frankfort Gets Better]

Today Papaw Beshear directed the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to release all records contained in its reviews of child deaths and near deaths involving child abuse and neglect. If anybody wants the summary released by Papaw’s office about what each state requires in disclosure, let me know and I can send you a PDF. [Press Release]

Prediction: There’s no way Hal Rogers will prevent the rest of Warshington from increasing spending. No way. He’ll get in on the action himself. [The Hill]

That sound you hear is a whole bunch of state-level hypocrisy when it comes to overturn health care reform legislation like Todd P’Pool wanted to do. Those states suing are collecting federal funding. Funny how that works. [HuffPo]

Part of you has to wonder how much responsibility the United States needs to accept as Iraqi youth prepare to inherit a war-scarred nation. [WaPo]

Todd Hollenbach may need to get a grip if he thinks he’s going to run for something in 2015. That office needs to be abolished or absorbed by the Finance Cabinet. [Ryan Alessi]

Everybody is peeing a little bit over Damon Thayer’s fancy new map that’s an alternative to Greg Stumbo’s on the redistricting front. [Joe Gerth]

Basically, everybody and their mother is freaking out over post office closures. Not only would mail be delayed in Frankfort, it’d take even longer to circulate in Eastern Kentucky than it already does. [State-Journal]

Could Sexytime Herman Cain be about to quit, just like Sarah The Quitter Palin, because he’s been practicing his love too much? [Wonkette]

Anybody denying global warming and working to suggest that man has absolutely nothing to do with it has no business speaking in public. What a ridiculous bit. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Need some extree outrage for yer evening? Here’s how Hang Paulson gave hedge fund honchos advance warning of financial nightmares. [Bloomberg]

Rick Perry is so crazy/insane/disconnected that he thought the voting age in the United States of America was 21. [HuffPo]

Kentucky Youth Advocates said Governor Steve Beshear’s message regarding CHFS documentation is promising. Executive Director Terry Brooks says the next steps are key to ending child deaths in Kentucky. [Press Release]

5 thoughts on “Hey! Big Noted River Rock Expert News To Share!

  1. Seeing all these media types going to work as mouthpieces for the Dems just makes me question their objectivity when they were journalists. How do you go from trying to impartially report the news to spinning for a politician?

  2. Uh, I’m pretty sure she’s not getting a pay raise. But this definitely suits her.

    The job entails doing things like issuing audit reports that deal with facts and figures – not ideology and opinion.

    It’d be a different situation if she were going to work for the governor – like Terry Sebastian did when he left Crit’s staff (because she’s term-limited).

    I’d say Steitzer’s new role is about as unpolitical as you can get in a position like that in state government.

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