Rain Won’t Stop The Crazy In This Commonwealth

Steve Beshear says his inauguration will be a “frugal, family-friendly celebration.” All events are free and open to the public. [Press Release]

You ever read something that makes your eyes roll back into your head? Of course you have. Don’t worry, though, it’s just part of a push from the paper that will always apologize for Greg Fischer and Steve Beshear. [Al Cross & Editorial Board]

No, Kentucky isn’t tops in the nation for business as the Democrats (and sometimes Republicans) would have you believe. It’s merely 25th on the Forbes list. [Business First]

It’s only a matter of time until Kentucky gets wise to the ways of the rest of the world. Japan’s cities aren’t able to sustain their young populations and youth are turning to rural areas. [BBC]

According to the White House, Secretary Ken Salazar will kick off the National RV Trade Show in Louisville tomorrow. [Press Release]

Mitch McConnell says Democrats sabotaged the supercommittee. Funny, because most everybody says Mitch McConnell was the one doing the damage. [The Hill]

We understand that Ben Chandler has helped kill the nation’s economy. But President Barack Obama? Not quite. [WFPL]

That Forbes thing we told you about this morning? Steve Beshear’s office wasted a press release on it. For real. [Yet Another Press Release]

You need to refer to this reading guide on congressional dysfunction and corruption in Washington. [Pro Publica]

Too little, too late? We don’t think so. Schools are pushing for more parental involvement at home to help turn things around. [C-J/AKN]

We told you some crazy shiz was going on in London lately. You’ve gotta check this latest mess out involving a dog. [WKYT]

49 Middlesboro residents are suing nine coal companies for flood damages. Here’s betting that mess gets settled right away. [H-L]

Bored immigration agents are now also trying to deport U.S. citizens like woah. Gotta protect our white women, you know. [Wonkette]

5 thoughts on “Rain Won’t Stop The Crazy In This Commonwealth

  1. If he really wanted to be frugal, he wouldn’t have a big fancy inauguration. No parade, no balls (keep yer laughter to yerself, readers), no big ceremony and no paid holiday for state workers. Just take the oath quietly and let it be just another day.

  2. I note with bemusement that Beshear has named all living former governors as honorary inaugural co-chairs. This is one “honor” that Ernie Fletcher should publicly yet gracefully decline.

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