Kentucky – Every Single One Of Us Failed This Girl

Was this the most gorgeous election day in the history of election days or what?! Kentucky really lucked out. At least one thing is enjoyable today. [Great Weather Wins]

Fact: Northern Kentucky is a complete unethical disaster. Every last bit of it. It’s worse than Clay County. [H-L]

Here’s a three-page story about how votes today could serve as a political barometer for 2012. Kentucky doesn’t get mentioned once. [NY Times]

At least this mainstream story about the vote taking place today mentioned Kentucky. [Reuters]

Rising from the ruins? The housing market still looks grim but the rental side hints at recovery. We’re skeptical. [The Economist]

Did Herman Cain really just suggest that he wouldn’t pay Gloria Alred for sexytime? To quote someone else, she’s the first person we would call if a celebrity touched our junk and they weren’t super-hot. [Wonkette]

Whaaat? You mean health care reform legislation was held up by the court? Funny how that works, mouth-breathers. [HuffPo]

The election fraud hotline had received five calls by 10:00 A.M. But even if there was legitimate fraud, you know no investigation would take place in Kentucky unless it benefitted someone to dig around. [WKYT]

Really, this constable in Louisville gives constables in the rest of the state a really bad name. This is a hot flipping mess of a disaster. [C-J/AKN]

Maybe you should take a look at the facts when consider claims from John Boehner and Mitch McConnell on millionaires and small businesses. [WaPo]

President Barack Obama announced stricter financing standards for head start. Are you paying attention? [NY Times]

Let’s look at this again because the Commonwealth failed this nine-year-old girl in Todd County. Social workers ignoring reports of abuse are why Kentucky can’t have nice things. Everyone from the folks in Steve Beshear’s office to the Cabinet-level staffers and all 138 members of the legislature have failed this child. And us to. You reading it. Everyone failed. Tom Burch needs to get his ass in gear and hold a hearing or two on child fatalities because time is of the essence. [H-L]

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  1. In 2007 the Inspector General of the Cabinet of Health and Family Services issued a report requesting sweeping changes.

    None of the changes were implemented. The entire Department of Protection of Permanency needs to be overhauled.

    Remember the little kid that drank draino? The Cabinet had an open case on him and his underage mother. The social workers did not do monthly visits or they would have known the teenage parents were homeless living a run down trailer and having to move out when it was rented to somebody else making meth.

    These children’s death are not isolated incidents. It’s systemic failure, top to bottom.

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