KRS Breaking Disclosure Law On External Audits?

Is Kentucky Retirement Systems breaking disclosure laws by refusing to release the 2009 Finance Cabinet audit on the Holly Hill Land Deal?

From the Kentucky Revised Statutes:

61.645(19) (c)

(19) In order to improve public transparency regarding the administration of the systems, the board of trustees shall adopt a best practices model by posting the following information to the retirement systems’ Web site and shall make available to the public:

(c) All external audits;

We questioned this scandalous situation in July and it’s still stagnant. It’s been stagnant since July 2009.

Looks more and more like we were spot-on. The KRS only shares external audits that paints the organization in a positive light. Much like Crit Luallen’s last whitewash. Otherwise, we’d be reading about scandals like this in the audits on the KRS website.

Since KRS and the Democrats apparently don’t want anyone to remember the scandal, we’re republishing the 2009 audit. Click here (Warning: PDF Link) to download it for yourself. Don’t forget it.

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  1. KRS clearly has a persistent corporate culture of secrecy. Look at the current executive director search. The search committee consists only of staff and board members. No retirees are represented. Nor has there been any attempt to disclose the finalists and provide stakeholders with an opportunity to meet and question them. The implicit message to the public: it’s none of your business who we hire.

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