Louisville’s Monotone Mayor Shirks His Duties 24/7

Louisville’s Greg Fischer is taking a lot of heat for scandals he’s allowing to go down – all while making excuses for them – on his watch. And for never being at work. The latest? Spending an hour or whatever as a radio DJ. Seriously. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Roger Crittenden and Robert Coots were appointed as special justices to the Supreme Court of Kentucky today for a fancy hearing and decision. [SoS More SoS]

Take a look at this graphic from the White House that compares the Democratic and Republican jobs plans. [White House]

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray backs K.C. Crosbie over Todd Hollenbach for State Treasurer because he knows Todd is a complete waste of everything. The entire state would know it, too, if Mary John had the guts to file those suits she continually claims she’s filing. [Ryan Alessi]

Remember when Kathy Groob spent all kinds of time attempting to defame me for pointing out what she was doing as part of a political campaign? Particularly about being anti-choice? Turns out she’s pro-choice again. [Feministing]

Judge Phillip Shepherd has ordered the state to hand over records of kids killed by abuse and neglect. [Bluegrass Politics]

You excited for Kentucky Tonight on KET at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Monday? Scheduled guests: Daniel Logsdon, Jennifer Moore, Steve Robertson, John David Dyche. Hopefully Robertson and Dyche will remind Dannyboy and Jennifer of the many Beshear-Conway scandals. The Republicans won’t be winning but the least they can do is hold people accountable. [Press Release]

One would think people should know by now that protesting at Mitch McConnell’s office accomplishes absolutely nothing. [Think Progress & ABC News]

The White House is sending a warning shot to Republicans in Warshington on the budget. [WaPo]

You already know that pockets of poverty are growing in the United States. This has been a reality in Kentucky for, what, centuries? [Reuters]

How long before some university in Kentucky tries to ban the gays like this psycho joint? We’re sure Al Mohler and some of his closet case staffers are working on it as we speak. [Slate]

The finance industry needs a better response to the protest movement attacking it. You know, like doing the right thing. Unfortunately for this country, that’ll never happen. [The Economist]

3 thoughts on “Louisville’s Monotone Mayor Shirks His Duties 24/7

  1. On KET, if Robertson-Dyche open the door to a discussion of “scandals”, I’m guessing the other side could fill some time discussing scandals . . . political and personal.

    Sixty minutes of negativity on KET is a wash, and Beshear wins the argument if it’s a wash.

  2. If Steve & John David try to hold people accountable and are met with a counter-attack on gambling, broken marriage vows, lost refrigerators, and big-screen tv’s, who really cares?

    Especially 10 hours before the poll open, and on KET, where the viewers have already made up their minds. Doesn’t move the dial and nobody’s accountable for anything.

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