National College Hits Back Hard At Jack Conway

Woah, check out this National College ad appearing on the Herald-Leader website:


Here’s a taste of the text, if you can’t enlarge the image:

Recently, we wrote to you about misinformation Attorney General Jack Conway said about National College’s default rate. He quoted an unofficial, uncorrected trial rate of over 28%, while ignoring the official Department of Education rate of just 7.95%-which was actually lower than most of Kentucky’s public colleges.

Mr. Conway has also claimed to be concerned about the cost of education to the public. In a news release he stated, “While education is vital to our citizens, it must offer legitimate value in relation to its cost.” Additionally, in an editorial in the Courier-Journal, he challenged career college leaders to help “…ensure the proper utilization of taxpayer dollars in higher education.”


Who’s responsible for this state of affairs at public colleges? Many could share the blame; but, in the 2011 Kentucky Candidate Information Survey, Mr. Conway states that earlier in his career, “I helped write higher education reform laws.”

Well, thank you, Mr. Conway, for your help!

Mr. Conway’s public denouncement of our schools, often using inaccurate information, is damaging to our students and the degrees they have worked hard to receive. Simply put, Mr. Conway is wrong and he is hurting the job prospects of hard working Kentuckians.


While not expressly advocating for the defeat of Conway, it’s one of the most hard-hitting ads we’ve seen in a while.

2 thoughts on “National College Hits Back Hard At Jack Conway

  1. If this was Canada, National College might have a very strong case re malicious prosecution. In the U.S., however, prosecuting attorneys and judges are exempt from such suits. So National College can keep spending tens of thousands of dollars on powerful ads like this one as well as tens of thousands defending themselves against Conway and certain Kentucky trial lawyers.

  2. Meanwhile, Daymar College, based in Owensboro, is doing several behind-the-scenes things to support Todd Pee in the Pool. Fact is, Conway is right in his accusations against the career colleges. I don’t like Jack but he’ll get my vote for standing up.

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