Will Papaw Serve Horse Burgers At The Mansion?

Melany Crawford was appointed executive director of legal services in the Finance and Technology in the Finance and Administration Cabinet. Bets on whether or not she pushes the limit in favor of the Beshear administration’s illegal behavior? [SoS]

Beyond fighting crime, the FBI reaches out to victims. Actually a good read and listen. [NPR]

Whattya mean yet another Republican talking point about organized labor and regulations is about to disappear? [HuffPo]

Funny how that works! Folks at risk of losing their job in Congress are suddenly backing legislation to stop congressional insider trading. [The Hill]

Interesting what does and does not get published in your Kentucky newspapers these days. More furloughs at your least favorite newspaper. [The ‘Ville Voice]

You excited about eating horse meat in Kentucky? This is sure to go over really well. How gross. [H-L]

Papaw Beshear will be at Kentucky Farm Bureau’s annual meeting tomorrow at 11:30. You think he’ll ask if they’re still homophobes? Of course not – because he can’t say the word “gay.” [Press Release]

People are pooping their pants in Louisville now that suit has been filed pushing the University of Louisville to hand over documents relating to its silly hospital merger plan. [C-J/AKN]

And now for this week’s ‘Republican caught in gay sex for meth sting’ story! You knew you were waiting for it. [Wonkette]

Take a look at this story about a 72-year-old lady who has to cross a creek on foot to get home in Letcher County. [WKYT]

Sexytime Herman Cain’s latest scandal lady, the one he allegedly started sexytiming in Louisville, is answering all kinds of questions these days and we are grossed woah out. [HuffPo]

Congressman John Yarmuth is none too happy about the way Republicans are screwing around with tax cuts and he took to the House floor today to make his voice heard. [More ‘VV]

In conservative districts, the Tea Party is losing support. This is largely due to the increase in hypocritical teabagging that turns people away. [National Journal]

White House Releases State-By-State Tax Stats

President Barack Obama is constantly urging Congress to extend the payroll tax cut to avoid a tax increase on 160 million working Americans. If you make $50,000 a year? You’re going to pay about $1,000 more in taxes if there’s no extension.

As part of the Obama effort to push for the cuts, new figures are being released left and right.

The White House says the 2% cut in the employee payroll tax in 2011 benefits 2.2 million Kentuckians. That results in $1.3 billion in after-tax income. The national average is about a $1,000 cut for the working family.

The American Jobs Act being pushed by the White House calls for a 3.1% tax cut in 2012. That’s $1,500 for the working family and a $2.2 billion after-tax income boost.

That can’t be bad for Kentucky, right?

Click here (Warning: PDF Link) to download the full document released by the White House this morning.

Are We The Only Folks Suspicious Of This Mess?

Jim Booth and his friends donated at least $40,000 to Steve Beshear’s re-election campaign. They’re staunch Republicans, hate the Environmental Protection Agency. Booth spoke at Leadership Kentucky bashing the EPA, if you recall.

But they gave $40K. And mysteriously Carl Campbell, commissioner of the Department for Natural Resources, was canned yesterday.

Isn’t that suspicious? An honest Environment Cabinet employee gets canned after some hardcore donors raise hell about the EPA and mountaintop removal. Funny how that works.

We hear federal regulators are about to set foot in Kentucky soon and that won’t necessarily go so well for the Beshear crew.

Oh, and Kerri Richardson? Don’t lie, sweetie. We have mutual friends who aren’t afraid to share what you have to say about your job and what goes on behind the scenes. I know that both you and your coworkers know exactly why Campbell was fired. You both know and have excrement on your hands for keeping your mouths shut.

Racism Apparently A “Christian” Thing In Pike Co.

Way to go, Pike County! How do you make Eastern Kentucky look more racist and backwater than it actually is? Push your church to take a stand against interracial couples. And then sound like slack-jawed yokels in interviews. [H-L]

What was that, again, about Steve Beshear “balancing” the budget umpteen times? Because some state agencies are facing more and more cuts. This is a problem. [Ronnie Ellis]

How long will it take Steve Beshear’s law firm to hit back now that Mike O’Connell has sued the University of Louisville over the proposed and silly hospital merger? [C-J/AKN]

Pushing Hal Rogers to raise hell with John Boehner? Haha, riiiiight. That’s definitely the funniest thing we’ve read this week. [The Hill]

The Supreme Court hearing on health care reform legislation is set to enrich lobbyists and ruin your lives. [Wonkette]

The U.S. Senate voted to allow the military to detain Americans indefinitely. Because that’s the American way, kids. [HuffPo]

Replacing Rupp Arena would cost twice as much as renovations to the facility that would already serve the University of Kentucky’s needs. A common sense approach, unlike the one in Louisville, is necessary. [WKYT]

The Environmental Protection Agency published a secret watch list that included chronic polluters. This is freaking mouth-breathers out. [CPI]

Not only do billionaires pay next to nothing in taxes, they’re not even reporting mountains of cash to the IRS. [Bloomberg]

Now that the Medicare chief has resigned after a political stand-off, will things improve? Haha, of course not. Don’t be silly. [Reuters]

How the hell do you forget your baby in a shopping cart? Is there something in the water in Jessamine County? [WLEX18]

Have you anti-mountaintop removal types taken note of this guy running for congress in Tennessee? He’s the lead sponsor of a state senate bill to kill the practice. You well-moneyed types should look more closely. [Click the Clicky]

Despite an earmark ban, lawmakers in Warshington are trying to give money to hundreds of their pet projects and friends. [WaPo]