Only Two Weeks Until Kentucky Loses Yet Again

Steve Beshear’s claims about Restoring America’s ads are false, not just mostly false. And the claims indicate to us that the judge was involved in the stunt. [H-L]

Thank goodness this new Republican closet case in New Jersey isn’t Chris Christie. Because these rent boy photos would be even scarier. [Wonkette]

Hillary Clinton perfectly illustrates the serious ignorance of Herman Cain and why his candidacy is an embarrassing disaster. [HuffPo]

David Williams is talking out of both sides of his mouth on equality and gay rights. He says he’d nix papaw’s executive order so the mouth breathers hear him but says another in private. He’s also afraid for the mouth breathers to find out he’s killed several pieces of anti-gay legislation over the past few years. [C-J/AKN]

This is a much better profile of Williams and why he’s running for governor. From a purely basic standpoint. [John Cheves]

Cash in-hand is not the only advantage wealthy candidates have. Let’s talk about crazy ass Political Action Committees, kids. [The Economist]

Mitch McConnell says it’s not his job to prevent firefighter and police layoffs. But he hypocritically acts like it is when he’s trying to bring home the bacon for them. [TPM]

Proof next to no one is paying attention to the election looming on November 8: “about 40” supporters showed up to greet papaw and crew. [Amanda Van Benschoten’s Replacement]

Wait, we’re still pretending that there’s some “war” on coal? As a native Eastern Kentuckian, this is some of the dumbest bullshit I’ve ever seen. [WKYT]

Federal appeals court upheld a rule prohibiting roads on national forest land. Preservationists are super-excited. [WaPo]

Really? Yet another credit rating downgrade for the United States? Looks like it won’t just be meemaw and poppop buying cat food and saltines at the grocery. [Reuters]

Shocker! Ron Paul wants to end federal student loans. Because that’s just what this country needs. Let’s just teabag education. [Politico]

Jack Conway can’t still can’t campaign honestly. Even after his nightmarish losing race for the U.S. Senate just a year ago. [H-L]

Who is least flawed for auditor? A state government insider who (and this is RARE for this Democratic bunch) takes criticism and digging into his life quite well or a teabagger on his second bankruptcy? [C-J/AKN]

One wonders when Kentuckians will learn to share the road with bicycles. It’s been a problem in Louisville but it’s apparently a statewide issue. [WLEX18]

4 thoughts on “Only Two Weeks Until Kentucky Loses Yet Again

  1. “We Didn’t Light the Fire”

    Mitch: “How do I sell myself to the public on this stuff about firefighters, police, and teachers?”

    Empress Elaine: “Why do you have to? They’re not our kind.”

    Mitch: “I guess I could say it’s a states’ rights issue and no arena for the feds.”

    Elaine: “Perfect, Mitch. We wipe our hands of the riffraff.”

  2. Yet Alison Lundergan Grimes holds a family day event and approximately 500 people show up on a gloomy Sunday afternoon

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