Will Keith Hall Have To Answer For His Corruption?

Today the U.S. Dept. of Education awarded $47.7 million in Trio Grants to 128 grantees in 44 states. Three schools in Kentucky got some cash. Morehead State University got a grant for $230,000 for 1,000 participants and another of $449,511 for 1,505 participants. Kentuckiana Works Foundation, Inc. received $530,444 for 2,427 participants and Western Kentucky University received $230,000 for 1,000 participants. The grants are primarily used to open Educational Opportunity Centers. [Press Release & Clicky]

It’s interesting to watch this new drug effort play out. Primarily because Jack Conway spent all of 2010 telling me how Steve Beshear had screwed him and refused to tackle the problem. Funny how things turn out when an election rolls around. [Bluegrass Politics]

Aww, how sad for Bank of America. Their website was jacked for six days because jilted customers were closing their accounts like woah. Time for another $50 billion government bailout, we guess. [Wonkette]

Oh noes! A dineysore that lived 120 million years ago! What do the Ark Park/mouth-breathers think of that? [HuffPo]

How many days ago did we mention this? The AKN has finally taken note that two Berea students were harassed. [C-J/AKN]

The Faux Family Foundation is begging you to play some tiny violins tonight. The group of closet case circle jerkers had the appeals court deny an injunction against instant racing. [H-L]

This whole decapitated baby story is getting out of control. Really, we just want to gouge our eyes out. [WKYT]

But we thought David Williams was the devil and hated all organized labor groups? [WFPL]

We could maybe understand stealing food if you or your baby were starving. But nail polish? Shoo, the crazy must really be in the water in Richmond and Berea these days. [Richmond Register]

What Steve Jobs understood that our politicians do not and never will. [NY Times]

This headline is disgusting: “Santorum hits Mitt…” GAG. I drop an f-bomb here or there and you people freak. But a bigger outlet says something that gross in a headline and no one bats an eyelash. We’re cold puking our guts up. [Politico]

Utility Management Group decided it didn’t want to abide by everything it agreed to when taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the taxpayer. Now the group is suing the Pike County Fiscal Court. All to protect its pals like Keith Hall. [Appalachian News-Express]