Just Enough Political Delusion To Make You Gag

No, David Williams, the gubernatorial race isn’t over but we already know you’re going to lose. We’ve known for months. So do you. So do your staffers. That’s what happens when you allow yourself to be portrayed as an asshole for more than a decade without ever responding. That’s what happens when you refuse political advice that you pay for. That’s what happens when you select a man-boy who can barely remember his own name as a running mate. Really, that’s what happens when you refuse to hit hard and often. [WKYT]

You still say voter ID laws aren’t created to turn this country back into the racist south that existed for 100 years? [Wonkette]

Natural Bridge State Park will celebrate its 85th anniversary on November 5. [Press Release]

How long ago was it that I broke the news of Perry Clark being a psychotic racist with his crazy letter in Texas? Interesting that the media is only now taking an interest. [WFPL]

Greg Stumbo wants an expensive special session to deal with redistricting. The State Senate does not. Since they’re JUST NOW deciding to deal with this, we don’t believe any of them should be paid to resolve redistricting. What an embarrassment. [C-J/AKN]

Here’s more on the two Berea College students who were harassed by some redneck homophobes. [Richmond Register]

Now Ben Chandler wants to talk about the economy. Nice. He waits until it’s so bad that nobody can get angry at him. Interesting how that works. Now the Democrats who’ve hated him for years are fawning all over him in cutesy ways. [H-L]

Rascal Riders from across the country are in mourning over news that Sarah The Quitter Palin has quit yet another thing. [More Wonkette]

Steve Jobs died and every Apple Fanboy everywhere is completely melting down. We just hope these next few years of products from Apple continue Jobs’ legacy. [HuffPo]

Yep, that’s right. The Beshear Misadministration gave a $200,000 no-bid contract to a man they knew was under investigation for his shenanigans at Louisville’s Metro Sewer District. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Where was organized labor when Wall Street really started screwing the working class in this country? This isn’t a suggestion that labor is bad. But it’s interesting that the big dogs at various labor organizations weren’t interested in getting involved until it was more popular with the masses. [NY Times]

You think politics in Kentucky are disgusting. Wait until the 2012 presidential race really gets under way. Hold onto your granny panties, folks. [Slate]

12 thoughts on “Just Enough Political Delusion To Make You Gag

  1. I have no use for Blue Dogs (Republican Lite) who practice that time dishonored strategy of appeasement. If Chandler grows a spine, call me. If he takes on the Tealiban and Lexington’s right wing radio I’ll rally to his side. But running from them is no way to run for office.

  2. Ben Chandler gave us an early glimpse of what to expect from him as a member of Congress back in April of 2005. This is when he voted (along with the $40,000,000 spent on lobbying from the credit card companies) to make it harder for the average family to declare bankruptcy.
    Ben voted against Wall Street reform.
    Ben Voted against Affordable Healthcare Act.
    A snake can shed its skin, but it’s still a snake.

  3. FreeMan — if you are a conservative or a libertarian, you have nothing in common with Adkins. He is one of the leading leftists in the state, judging from his posts on various blogs and his letters to the editor.

  4. WFPL is hardly mainstream.

    We linked to that story to show it’d been alive and out there (outside of our own websites, even) for quite a while.

    A newspaper reporter contacted me yesterday begging for details because he’d just noticed it. Hence the mention in the round-up.

  5. I read WFPL. That right there should tell you that you’re working for a fringe group.

    @wondering I am a what you would call a “Libertarian” with a love of the insane rantings of all sides.

  6. I’m a fan of yours. Please, show me how you can do that word play again. I tried it earlier but National Socialist Tazi Party didn’t work. Do that thing you do Bill.

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