Yep, UofL Definitely Has A Problem Or Two Now

You already know this but Papaw and the Demopubs are woah outspending David Williams. [CN|2]

Do you think the state gives special treatment the god license plate? It’s WAY more expensive to buy plates supporting a public university… while the god plate’s just $21. [Deep Driving Thoughts]

Read this bit from Jack Brammer and tell me it doesn’t make your eyes roll back in your head. It’s 100% factual that Beshear has pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in coal and oil cash. It is RIDICULOUS to claim otherwise. [H-L]

Really, Louisville Democrats (*cough* Jim King *cough*)? Trying to keep the cost of union contract negotiations secret? It’s like Jim does every stupid thing people tell him not to do. Wow. If you can’t be transparent, you shouldn’t be in public office. [WFPL]

Tim Shaughnessy says $4.8 million in Medicaid funds were misused by University of Louisville physicians as bonuses. As you’ll see in the story, Jack Conway is once again telling different people different stories. Good on Tim for calling them out. [C-J/AKN]

A few Republicans in Kentucky like to claim African-Americans are brainwashed into voting Democratic. But how could they vote for Republicans when 90% of the R candidates are Racist asshats constantly screaming about affirmative action and special treatment? Get a grip, people. [HuffPo]

Looks like Jack Conway is getting his wish. Anybody working against him or questioning him is set to have problems. [WKYT]

Haha, whaaaat. Some shysters in Lexington took people for a ride at a “motivational” seminar. Wow. [H-L]

This is why Kentucky needs to adjust its silly regulation regarding bourbon tastings. And why all counties in Kentucky should be wet. [NY Times]

Now Rick Perry is apologizing for not hating Mexicans enough. Seriously. And you wonder why non-whites don’t vote for Republican mouth-breathers. [The Hill]

States are lobbying hard in Washington against Medicaid cuts being proposed by Congress. How hard do you think Steve Beshear’s folks are lobbying to make his privatized Medicaid pals rich? [Reuters]

Catholic Health Initiatives notorious for performing unnecessary surgeries? And the University of Louisville wants to be taken over by CHI? That sounds like a great plan. [WHAS11]

10 thoughts on “Yep, UofL Definitely Has A Problem Or Two Now

  1. “Crap Hits Rock Bottom at UofL”

    Okay, when is the KY legislature going to do a wholesale investigation of the possible huge financial shenanigans at Belknap, the Med School, the AG’s office, and within the UofL Board of Cadavers? Giving fat cat doctors bonuses for public money meant for indigent care? My God Almighty, how far have we stooped? When do greed and hypocrisy stop? Will it ever end? No immediate comment from JR? Of course not. The CYA process takes some time. And the poor and meek suffer as time and neglect passes them by.

  2. “A Few Small Drips of Blood Near the Heart”

    Archbishop: “We might need to look into Catholic Health Initiatives a bit more closely.”

    UofL honcho: “Not a big problem. Too many unnecessary heart surgeries is an issue easily handled by shrewd PR.”

    Archbishop: “We need to work fast. We’ve got too many sexual abuse lawsuits as it is.”

    UofL honcho: “How does ‘Helping Hearts Through Preventive Measures’ sound?”

  3. I wonder if UofL is approaching the territory wherein plaintiff lawyers finally educate UofL’s compliant Board that fiduciary responsiblity doesn’t mean yes sir, whatever you say, Jimbo.

  4. HAHAHA. Right.

    Remember when UofL spent umpteen thousand dollars fighting a nursing student because she dared express her opinion?

    UofL is a great place but its leadership is a fucking disaster.

  5. Well, given the background of Kentucky’s AG suing (on our behalf?) private colleges, if I was a UofL Trustee I’d be asking Dr. Jimbo for a copy of the D and O insurance policy as well a legal analysis of my liabilities as a Trustee, especially since UofL has more inter-connected corporations and foundations than a Cayman Islands racket house.

  6. Well, trial lawyers don’t have a lot of friends and their funders are plaintiffs. Jack and Daddy and them know all about that.

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