Papaw’s A Democrat So It’s Okay, Right? Riiiight?

This marks the 140th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson has questioned Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “Jack can continue trying to cover this up, or he can come clean,” said Robertson. “At the end of the day, Kentucky voters will have their say in this matter, and Jack will wish he had come clean all along.” [Press Release]

HAHAHA! Bill O’Reilly had to cancel his appearance in Louisville because of poor ticket sales. Imagine that. [FOX41]

Jane Beshear says her husband has a platform for the next four years. Where is it? Why won’t they release it? Is this another mythical Steve Beshear thingy, just like gambling? [Ryan Alessi]

Seems like only those who live outside Louisville are keen on hyping up Greg Fischer and his many foibles as positives. Outta sight, outta mind, I guess. [Tom Eblen]

Feds have asked a judge to review evidence in the terra case. [H-L]

Only Mitch McConnell would want to LIMIT disaster aid. Only Mitch McConnell. [National Journal]

Really convenient for Papaw to want to meet with Obama now. Really convenient. He couldn’t be bothered when he didn’t need something out of the president. [State-Journal]

Mitch McConnell says President Barack Obama’s job proposal is a charade. But where’s Mitch’s proposal? That’s right – he is incapable of doing anything, ever, but complaining like us. [The Hill]

Steve Beshear has time for all this — which we obviously like — but he doesn’t have time to talk to a newspaper so the general public can learn about him. How cute. [The Lane Regurgitator]

A trove of fossils is shedding light on the evolution of feathers. This is freaking the mouth-breathers out like woah. [The Economist]

A bunch of uptight women are complaining about some ice cream. Should we say stupid women? You’d have to be stupid to think ice cream could corrupt your children. These same women are probably pole-dancing teabaggers in bankruptcy court. [HuffPo]

Just in case you were wondering why we think the Herald-Leader is tops in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [The ‘Ville Voice]

1 thought on “Papaw’s A Democrat So It’s Okay, Right? Riiiight?

  1. “Cat Got Mitch’s Tongue”

    Mitch: “I am sick of the President’s charades on making jobs for our fellow Amurkins.”

    Reporter: “Have you never played charades, Senator?”

    Mitch: “Ma positions are purely genuine efforts to serve the Amurkin fat ca–I mean people.”

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