Some Candidates Continue To Make Stupid Moves

Racist Pat Buchanan further illustrates why non-whites don’t typically vote Republican. Because of racist crap he and others constantly spew. [HuffPo]

A split court struck down the student assignment plan in Louisville today. Everybody is going insane. [H-L]

Be afraid. Unless politicians act more boldly, the world economy will keep heading towards a black hole. [The Economist]

Here’s your daily non-shocker: smoking rates are still high among mining and food service workers. [Reuters]

First there’s a cornhole disaster in Bowling Green. Now there’s a Facebook disaster? [BGDN]

The welfare poors aren’t big druggies but Boeing employees certainly are. Makes sense that we’d just cold trust them with our lives and give them all of our tax dollars and such. [Wonkette]

U.S. income has suffered its first fall in two years. Which means we’re all gonna die of the poverty. [HuffPo]

If Jack Brammer spent a tenth of the time focusing on the problems in Frankfort that he spends defending Steve Beshear? Maybe Kentucky wouldn’t be as screwed. It’s like he wishes he worked for the dying paper in Louisville. We’re critical because we hate seeing journalists with wasted skills. [H-L]

Way to go, Rowan County. Just keep on randomly shooting dogs and leaving them for dead. [WKYT]

Check out what Congressman John Yarmuth had to say about the Sherman Minton Bridge and the six months/$20 million it’s going to take to repair it. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The Census says white populations have decreased in 15 states. Don’t tell your old, racist relatives or their heads will explode. [WaPo]

Regents at Eastern Kentucky University approved the sale of $21.6 million in bonds. [Richmond Register]

Todd P’Pool was in Louisville yesterday and he continued to foam at the mouth about everything he knows will cause him to lose hardcore to Jack Conway. The man and his campaign staff are incapable of comprehending what it takes to win. [FOX41]

Rand Paul Proves Critics Right: He’s A Hypocrite

It’s a good thing. But. How much time has Rand Paul spent railing against projects like this one?


Text of the letter:

August 23, 2011

Office of Aviation Analysis
Ms. Aloha Ley
Associate Director, Small Community Program
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, D.C. 20590

Dear Ms. Ley:

I am contacting you on behalf of my constituent, the City of Pikeville, Kentucky, in regards to their proposal for the Small Community Air Service Development grant.

Our nation is faced with many financial challenges as our debt continues to escalate and it is essential that we in Congress, along with the Federal Agencies, work closely to ensure that every tax dollar is spent effectively. I believe, however, that this application from the City of Pikeville deserves full and fair consideration despite our country’s financial obstacles.

The Pikeville-Pike County Regional Airport (PBX) services a 13 county region of 345,000 people in Eastern Kentucky, Western Virginia and Southwestern West Virginia and the nearest commercial airport is more than 100 miles away. The Small Community Air Service Development grant will substantially benefit the City of Pikeville in efforts to recruit a regional airline to provide service to a major connecting hub. Thousands of new jobs will be created with the introduction of a scheduled passenger airline service to an area surrounded by opportunity for economic, industrial, and business growth.

Thank you for your time and consideration in review of this request.


Rand Paul, M.D.
United States Senator

Funny how that works. Get into office and do 100% of the things you say you won’t do.

Seems like it was just yesterday his staffers were telling me how great it was to work for a man who doesn’t do things like this. Seems like it was just yesterday when he was criticizing Hal Rogers for supporting projects like this.


Geoff Davis On America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

Congressman Geoff Davis writes about improving America’s infrastructure in his weekly column:

Last week, President Obama visited the greater Northern Kentucky area to rally support for his bill, the American Jobs Act. The President claims his bill will get Americans back to work in part by funding critical infrastructure needs.

The President used the Brent Spence Bridge as the backdrop for his speech. This functionally obsolete corridor between Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati is also a major commercial artery connecting the Great Lakes with the Gulf of Mexico. It is out of date and over-capacity and must be replaced for our economy and our safety. Unfortunately, nothing in the President’s proposed legislation necessarily helps us to build a new bridge.

According to Transportation Weekly, under the President’s plan, Kentucky would receive $422 million for highway spending and Ohio would receive $900 million. Even if both States dedicated all of their funds to this one project, this is far short of the estimated $2.3 billion price to complete the project.

What sticks out at us is his bogus claim:

Duplicative and burdensome regulations are another factor holding back both infrastructure improvement and job creation.

Because the facts show regulation does not hinder job creation. That’s a mouth-breather talking point.

Click here to read the rest.

Media Just Now Noticing Beshear’s Jobs Lies

Some of those jobs Steve Beshear boasts about creating just do not exist. But you already knew that. Seriously – just read the second paragraph and laugh: Hundreds of specific jobs that the Democratic governor identifies on his campaign Web site actually have not been created since the initial press releases went out, or they were partially offset by subsequent layoffs at the same companies, or they were announced under Ernie Fletcher, Beshear’s Republican predecessor. I predict Steve Beshear will try to get John Cheves fired as he tried to do with Ryan Alessi during the Kentucky Central story. [John Cheves]

Mitch McConnell is trying to ruin trade in the United States of America. [The Hill]

Louisville schools are apparently so bad that everybody is just cold breaking the law these days to help their kids. Of course, it makes tons of sense to waste taxpayer dollars to prosecute these folks. [C-J/AKN]

The entire world seems to be rolling its eyes at America’s crazy ass health care system. [BBC]

Really? We’re still fighting about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? And we’re now saying the ruling has to be vacated? [Reuters]

We’re linking this again because it’s important on the tax front. Quit it with the dry counties and the no bourbon samplings. [NY Times]

The mouth-breathing teabagger conspiracy nuts are just going insane over Barack Obama and his secret attempt to steal all yer guns. [HuffPo]

Gateweed Galbraith on education, mountaintop removal, same-sex marriage and more. Where’s Steve Beshear? Hiding from the press and the public. [WFPL]

Pat Day and Calvin Borel are doing some boring horse racing thing. Sure to be lots of talk about Jesus and booze. [Paulick Report]

You’re so super-shocked that Republicans are once again trying to cut health care and education. [Politico]

We’re not so sure a new exit is going to be Clay County’s saving grace. Because, uh, really? Clay County? Maybe it’ll help young people escape to a better life, though. [WKYT]

Just a reminder that if you know someone who is committing disability fraud, report them ASAP. [Page One]