Kentucky Tops Yet Another Embarrassing List

Don’t forget to add your two cents by making nominations for the Third Annual Golden Poo Awards. [Page One]

Here’s how the rest of the world is rolling its eyes at the United States for discriminating on the basis of race when it comes to scientific research. [The Economist]

Surely no one is surprised that Kentucky ranks near the top of the list when it comes to the national divorce rate. [HuffPo]

How much time will Len Peters spend spinning over this today? Predictions? [H-L]

Mitch McConnell says regulation from Washington hinders opportunities. What he fails to mention, though, is that he hinders far more opportunities for Kentucky than anything else on this planet. [WYMT]

Yet another body was discovered in Eastern Kentucky. It’s enough to make you bang your head against a wall. [WLEX18]

We’re not entirely sure what it says about America when Sarah The Quitter Palin is on Forbes’ powerful women list in the “lifestyle” category. [Wonkette]

Really, it’s just silly that bicycles aren’t allowed at the Kentucky State Fair while tons of Rascals roam around squashing foot after foot. [C-J/AKN]

Is this why taxing the rich is good for America – beyond being fair and the right thing to do? [Daily Finance]

Congressional Budget Office estimates show Congress faces huge tests on debt and unemployment. [The Hill]

It’s a shame this fake fairness organization continues to cause drama. Otherwise legitimate cases of discrimination just get laughed aside. [H-L]

Probably just a pipe dream if you’re hoping for the rest of this country’s mega-wealthy CEOs to stop making campaign contributions until Washington cleans up its act. [Politico]

What part of Jewish and pork is it that Kentucky Democrats can’t flipping comprehend? [Twitter]

2 thoughts on “Kentucky Tops Yet Another Embarrassing List

  1. “Southern Marriages, Southern Nights”

    Bobby Blue: “Why so much divorce in the South, Reverend?”

    Rev. Grass: “Child abuse, spousal abuse, poverty, no jobs, lack of education, poor medical treatment. Who knows? Just read your Bible and pray.”

  2. “Mitch’s Corpus Is Askew”

    Reporter: “Senator, why are you always citing corporations and the Chamber of Commerce when you speak of job loss?

    Mitch: “Because corporations are people, too. And chambers of commerce work mightily for our people in need.”

    Reporter (under his breath): “And my ass is made of blue cheese.”

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