RPK Has Some Big Questions For Steve Beshear

By now, everyone knows about the two instances of alleged campaign finance shenanigans involve Steve Beshear and state government employees. Not one but two state workers have come forward to confirm that Beshear aide Charles Geveden illegally solicited them for campaign contributions, a potential Class-D felony.

Since you may need a refresher, here you go…

The shot:

“Nowhere in this complaint does the filer ever claim that he was pressured by anyone to make a donation to a political campaign, nor does he present any evidence that anyone was pressured to make a donation,” Erwin said.

“This complaint is based on gossip and should be treated as the desperate and baseless political stunt that it is,” he said.

The chaser:

Dr. Patrick Sheridan confirmed getting a call from Geveden soliciting a $1,000 contribution.

“I was surprised because I’ve been with the state for 20 years and I have never been called like that before,” he said.

Asked whether he felt pressured to make the donation, Sheridan said, “If somebody called you and asked you for $1,000, how would you feel?”

So let’s take a look at a few questions the Republican Party of Kentucky is asking of Beshear, from a press release yesterday:

  1. Why does Charles Geveden still have a job in your administration? If your campaign knew enough to send a contribution back because you thought the solicitation was improper then why didn’t your Administration hold Geveden accountable for his allegedly felonious activity? In your Inaugural Address, you said that you would hold members of your Administration accountable.
  2. Do you still condone your spokesman’s claims that the whistleblower’s allegations are “desperate,” “baseless,” “gossip,” and based on “unsubstantiated third party rumor?” When you authorized your spokesman to lash out and retaliate against a whistleblower mere hours after the allegations were made public and before any investigation could take place, were you trying to scare others who have similar knowledge into staying quiet? Now that a second state worker has come forward to corroborate the whistleblower’s claims, do you pledge to stop your retaliation strategy, fully cooperate with any investigation and immediately terminate any administration or campaign official who retaliates against employees who expose illegal activity in your administration?
  3. What did you know and when? Obviously, based on this new, independent account that corroborates illegal solicitation by your administration, Kentuckians deserve to know when you learned of this alleged felonious conspiracy and what actions, if any, you will take to correct it.

Don’t worry, Kentucky. We’ll likely never have answers to these questions.