Eastern Kentucky Is Making Us Quite Proud Today

Yesterday marked the 83rd day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway: “Jack Conway has fumbled this matter completely,” said Robertson. “The people of Kentucky are tired of politicians affording to their family and friends benefits and special treatment that the rest of us would never see. That old school style of doing business in Frankfort is over.” [Press Release]

Way to go, Eastern Kentucky! Elliott County Deputy Judge-Executive Barry Blair pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor (federal) charge of paying people for their votes. He was indicted with his dad, Judge-Executive David Blair, in May 2010 on charges of bribery and conspiracy for vote buying. [H-L]

When saving for retirement, people should focus on their savings instead of withdrawals. [The Economist]

Want to hear Greg Stumbo bore himself to death talking about the gubernatorial election? [Ryan Alessi]

Yesterday Jack Conway filed suit against First DataBank and McKesson Corporation for conspiring to inflate average wholesale prices of medications – essentially committing Medicaid fraud. [Press Release]

President Barack Obama declared seven Eastern Kentucky counties disaster areas: Bell, Breathitt, Knott, Knox, Lee, Magoffin, Perry. [H-L & Press Release]

Health at birth has been linked to teenage academic performance. [Reuters]

Rand Paul will just pee all over both debt deals because that’s what he loves to do. [WFPL]

Today Congressman John Yarmuth will meet with visitors from Kentucky Youth Advocates. [Press Release]

We’re all gonna die because of the debt and because Warshington sucks and because no one will take responsibility for anything, ever. [NY Times]

Seems like just yesterday the editorial board was defending Jim Ramsey over the way he handled the Robert Felner scandal (they actually brought it up). Borderline shocking to see them pop him in the face over the hospital merger mess. Be sure to give it a read. Then start demanding Uncle Jimmy take responsibility. [C-J/AKN]

Speaking of Jimmy… he’s holding the State of the University on September 13 at 2:30 P.M. Eastern on Comstock Hall. It starts with a fancy processional and everything. Because that is necessary to make Jimmy feel swell about getting paid zillions of dollars while the rest of UofL’s faculty count change left in the sofa. [Aunt Shirley’s Email Blast]

Orange man John Boehner got teabagged really hard. Nice visual? [HuffPo]

No wonder Louisville Metro Animal Services is such a flustercuck. Greg Fischer’s top dog is a lying disaster. [The ‘Ville Voice]

4 thoughts on “Eastern Kentucky Is Making Us Quite Proud Today

  1. Jake,
    Speaking of UofL: would the university get any money for its sale of its Hospital? I am asking because official “mergers of equals” are always unofficial sales of the weaker partner to the stronger one. Yet I haven’t seen any info spelling out real costs and benefits of this move, outside of the controversy over maternal procedures…

  2. “Health at birth has been linked to teenage academic performance. ”

    Studies like this make it crystal clear that intense and comprehensive pre-natal care is a smart, yet cheap investment that Medicaid can make to improve our society as a whole in merely a decade and a half.

    No Brainer, here. (Yes, yes. Pun intended.)

  3. Dang, did Jim Ramsey poop in the punch bowl at a C-J cocktail party or something? Or is it that the corporate purge over there has removed some of the in crowd protectors who have missed so many stories because of coziness with Louisville cronyism? Maybe Hebe is going to have to start working hard for his money.

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