Dishonesty In Advertising: Beshear & Abramson

What’s interesting about this new Beshear-Abramson ads?

Jerry Abramson claiming he’s going to help large and small businesses stay open. Never mind that he has a 30-year history of doing the opposite in Louisville. Sinking local business in favor of giving millions to Cordish, which has been a complete disaster. You’ll note that CN|2 didn’t bother to examine any of that.

Thank goodness we’ve already done so:

The next ad isn’t so terrible. Once you get over the fact that the plan all along was to help a business get a tax break or two for the sole purpose of using it in a campaign ad:

Spin machine will claim these ads are miraculous and the gospel in 3, 2…

P.S. Don’t forget that Abramson has a history of being anti-labor. You’ll just have to roll your eyes hard when labor holds its nose to back him because the hypocrisy will be ripe. And small business? Right, about that.

2 thoughts on “Dishonesty In Advertising: Beshear & Abramson

  1. God he makes me want to puke..the Fourth St Live project threw out a dozen small businesses alone. And of course, the Sports and Social Club heist could be a problem during the campaign when things get nasty. MFL has a long history of putting the small guys out of business.

  2. I can only say that anyone who thinks Jerry Abramson can be trusted is totally wrong.

    Jerrys butt buddy Traughber should be investigated and indited on the lies he’s told The City Metro Council when the owner Ward Plauche wasn’t asked to appear & respond to the same council!..And You know !…It’s not to LATE!….Bring that Lying POS Traughber back in front of that Council alond with Jerry NOW and lets have the City Block Owners confront and respond to their blatant lies!!!!…..If you think the Judy Green Scandal is bad , just think?….what would come up if there was a some REAL Q&A on these subjects present who were the stakeholders that got cheated & screwed, Why wouldn’t Jim King have pounded Traughber?…

    IT’s not past history or OLD History yet till the election is over for Jerry….The Owners of City Block should make a commercial Screwing over Jerry and out him !

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