Oh, Here’s Your Super-Late Wednesday Round-Up

And just like that, we’re back up and running. Nothing like being forced to do a server upgrade in the middle of the week. Please accept our apologies if you’ve been looking for a fix while at work this morning. Had to replace a couple pieces of hardware so things are more secure.

The Legislative Ethics Commission held a closed-door hearing to discuss a complaint against Keith Hall. Remember that mess with the Mountain Water District? Things could get sticky. [John Cheves]

Yesterday marked the 70th day of Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioning Jack Conway: “As the fall election draws nearer, Jack Conway has got to be getting very hot around the collar,” said Robertson. “We will continue to remind voters everyday that this is a man who puts his own political interests above the interests of his client…the Commonwealth of Kentucky.” [Press Release]

Remember when everybody – especially mouth-breathers – lost their shiz over GE not paying taxes? Fox/News Corp has a 46% NEGATIVE tax rate. Funny how that works. [Salon]

Speaking of mouth-breathers… get a load of how the teabaggers are trying to keep from following the law when it comes to public disclosure. They want government transparency except when it applies to them. [Mother Jones]

The International Monetary Fund says a failure to raise the United States’ borrowing limit would cause a “real nasty” economic fallout. [WaPo]

Don’t worry about smoking, meemaw, you are prolly gonna die early from too much salt and not enough potassium. [Reuters]

President Barack Obama is being urged by Human Rights Watch to investigate former President George W. Bush’s involvement in torture. [BBC]

Take a look at this guide to Super-PACS and dark money. It’s a look at the new world of campaign finance. [Pro Publica]

Even Mitch McConnell understands the consequences of this debt ceiling nightmare. But not Faux News. [Media Matters]

Or maybe he doesn’t. Since he’s just focused on screwing the economy until Barack Obama is no longer President of the United States of America. [CBS]

Maybe the presidential candidates on the teabagger side are also a little miffed at Mitch. [TPM]

The “wisdom” of Mitch McConnell’s debt ceiling plan? Wisdom? Really? [The Atlantic]

Citizens United announced its support for Candy Barr over Republican Ben Chandler. [CN|2]