Friday Morning Dept Of Adventure Man Lt. Dan

Of course Mitch McConnell is a fearmonger who does nothing but foam at the mouth. But he’s no worse than a paper or its editorial board that publish things they know are false and hurtful and go so far as to lie about making telephone calls – even when confronted with telephone records. At least Mitch McConnell has the guts to respect his critics.  [C-J/AKN]

Here’s what Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo had to say about ziplining across the Red River Gorge yesterday: “We are excited to add another aspect of tourism excitement to Kentucky,” said Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo. “Adventure tourism is an economic plus for Eastern Kentucky and projects like this one will offer something unique and different that will bring people to a part of the Commonwealth not usually traveled.” [Press Release]

Here’s yet another take on the Medicaid manage care contracts pushed by Steve Beshear. Wonder how much campaign cash he pocketed from folks who work at those companies? [Ronnie Ellis]

The EPA has unveiled new standards for coal-fired power plants and the Kentucky Coal Association isn’t happy. The KCA is pushing anti-natural gas stories left and right. [HuffPo]

Really, everybody in Kentucky is just cold freaking the flip out over the new EPA pollution plan. [H-L]

Reforming the educational reformers? Uh? [NY Times]

Capital and companies from China are taking over Europe. It’s like the red invasion of worldwide business. [The Economist]

Some states still leave low-income students behind. Others are making surprising gains. [Pro Publica]

While this is probably a good idea, the fact that Greg Stumbo sent out a self-serving press release about the matter to friendly outlets totally ruins it. [C-J/AKN/Dying Rag]

Uh, really, University of Kentucky? What’s it cost to cremate someone? Probably less than the lawsuit you filed over an unclaimed body. Show some damn compassion, jesus h. [H-L]

Why can’t these folks just admit they’re afraid of a black guy being in the White House and be done with it? [The Hill]

Of course worries on the debt ceiling bubble beneath the surface. It’s why everyone is just cold freaking out. [Reuters]

A new school is about to be bid in Robertson County. So keep your eyes peeled for rigging and all kinds of taxpayer scandals involving folks who want to make a quick buck. [Ledger-Independent]