You’re Still Hung Over From 4th Of July Fun

Redistricting is a nightmare and it makes us want to gouge our eyes out. Greg Stumbo’s plan for redistricting apparently makes sense. What do you think? [Ronnie Ellis]

The Commonwealth plans to seek more Race to the Top dollars. Need we even be cynical on that front? [WFPL]

Bill Clinton is spot on. There’s no reason for Barack Obama to blink at Republicans. [HuffPo]

That’s right – Steve Beshear is mum on plans to cut nearly $170 million from the state budget. What will he do? There was a $131 million shortfall in FY 2011 and he stiffed teachers and state workers. So what do you think he’ll do this time around? [H-L]

We hear Todd P’Pool raised $91,000 at a small Louisville event on Friday. Does this mean he really is stepping up the game against Jack Conway? [Deep AG Thoughts]

Independence Day weekend in Kentucky never disappoints. Wow. A guy stabbed his girlfriend with a pitchfork and used a jar of peanut butter to beat her. [H-L]

A Kentucky State University graduate is the new head of Thailand. [CBS]

What is it with Michele Bachmann and other teabaggers thinking non-whites can’t perform as well as them? The fact that this delusional woman thinks she can do a better job as President than, well, anyone else is bizarre. [HuffPo]

Todd P’Pool’s getting a ton of attention in Western Kentucky (and in Louisville, as noted above) and that can’t be solid news for Jack Conway. Unless he decides to actually campaign. [BGDN]

How much do states really spend on Medicaid? Ernie Fletcher makes an appearance in this story. [NPR]

Tell me this doesn’t make you laugh: “Inside the Boehner/McConnell Bromance.” [NY Magazine]

One has to wonder if Mitch McConnell is truly aware of his teabagger problems. [The Hill]

A commission in Bowling Green will vote today to determine whether or not the Bowling Green Terra-ists will be tried there. [WLEX18]

2 thoughts on “You’re Still Hung Over From 4th Of July Fun

  1. What Ronnie Ellis doesn’t say in his column is why Natcher wanted to keep Daviess County in his district. Don Blandford was being groomed to be the chosen successor to Natcher. But then Boptrot happened and that was the end of Blandford.

    I would actually like to see Rogers get those current 1st District counties that were part of the Old 5th under Tim Lee Carter. Those counties have a lot more in common with Somerset than do Pike, Floyd, etc., or those northeastern counties that Davis now represents.

  2. “Waiting for Godot”

    Reporter: “It’s said you’re tryin’ to appease the Tea Party, Senator.”

    Mitch: “If I do any compromisin,’ it’s in the grand tradition of ma hero, Henry Clay.”

    Reporter: “What should the President do?”

    Mitch: “Where’s he been lately? I’m waitin’ for him.”

    Reporter: “Where have you been, Senator, for at least the last decade while the USA burns?”

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