Teabagger T-Shirts Back To Embarrassing Kentucky

I LOVE to give Adam Edelen a hard time. It’s one of my favorite things. Primarily because I thinks he deserves it – because he’s never been elected before. But I think it takes a lot of guts for him (I mean, it’s the opposite of what the Beshear people want) to independently come out and say he’ll force more transparency and disclosures with placement agents. [CN|2]

Some Dude Named Bill Johnson, a real mental lightweight, said in a press release today that homeless people without an address should not be allowed to vote. [Teabagger Logic]

State pension enrollment is booming as non-government workers receive benefits. [John Cheves]

Greg Fischer isn’t just running from his inaction on Louisville Metro Animal Services, he’s attempting to cover it up. [The ‘Ville Voice]

We’re still wondering why it’s so wrong for a journalist to call the president a dick. The freakout over that is bizarre. Journalists called Dubya way worse than that. [The Hill]

University (of Louisville) Hospital is cutting indigent care for some as the cost of serving the uninsured is skyrocketing. Meanwhile, we have to spend millions more on “research,” bloated and unnecessary non-merit appointee salaries and give $100,000 to a Lt. Governor (not just Mongiardo, but in general) to do nothing. Interesting how that works. Particularly while we’re in the midst of watching private corporations take over a public hospital system. [C-J/AKN]

Local laws fighting fat are coming under siege because lawmakers are all fat white guys. [NY Times]

Have you been wondering why Bush Judge Jeffrey Sutton backed the health care mandate? [Politico]

Can Michele Bachmann be the leader of the free world and still obey her husband like a good evangelical? Seriously, hold your laughter. [Slate]

American mortgages aren’t quite settled. Bank of America’s mess is freaking other lenders out. [The Economist]

Gigantic catfish like these could be a result of pollution. Which obviously makes some folks happy. [WaPo]

Could the United States link the payroll tax to the unemployment tax? Should the U.S. do that? [Bloomberg]

News sites could use technology to publish stories digitally with more accountability than print allows. Here’s why they won’t. [Poynter]

A Transylvania University professor received a National Geographic Society grant to advance his search for a lost city in Honduras. [H-L]

Kentucky’s “Yup, I’m A Racist” teabagger t-shirts are once again in the national news. Thanks, teabaggers, for being such terrific mouth-breathers. [Wonkette]

2 thoughts on “Teabagger T-Shirts Back To Embarrassing Kentucky

  1. From what I gather, what the Dude is saying is that the current law about putting the homeless in the same precinct as the county clerk’s office violates some KRS law. Personally, since I am guessing that most homeless who are registered to vote do so when they obtain some government assistance (that is, the so-called “motor-voter law”), they should be registered at whereever they get their government checks and/or notices sent to. Either that, or their precinct should be whatever shelter they spend the most nights at during extremely cold weather. I’m also guessing that in either case, it won’t be the same as the precinct containing the county clerk’s office. The homeless, if they want to vote, should be allowed to go to whatever is closest for them, not possibly several miles away to [in Louisville’s case] Barret Avenue.

  2. If what he is saying is that only those who own property (or rent property as opposed to own the title) should have full suffrage, then that is contrary to the language and spirit of the constitution. That would be quite an unfortunate position for a tea party member.

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