Farmer Can Kiss Eastern Kentucky’s Votes Bye

The Fed admits recovery is “slowing” but refuses to do anything at all to make a change. [HuffPo]

Dear Beth Musgrave: It’s Democratic Judge-Executive, not “Democrat judge executive” – k? That said – Wayne T. Rutherford is hilarious and says Bob Farmer is not welcome in Pike County! HAHAHA! [Bluegrass Politics]

Steve Beshear and Jonathan Miller did insert religion into the gubernatorial race. Purposefully. But Larry Forgy is a tool. [CN|2]

Basically, eleventeen million tornadoes ruined Louisville last night. Then the floods from hell came. [H-L]

Money man Don McNay takes a deeper look at the Bob Farmer “comedy” snafu that has put him on an island politically. [HuffPo]

Aww, Mitch McConnell says he isn’t jealous that Orange Man John Boehner and President Barack Obama played golf. [The Hill]

Rand Paul can’t believe his miniature junk has to get touched now and again in an airport so he melted down, asking all kinds of questions about children getting the pat from the TSA. But here’s my concern: why SHOULDN’T kids get patted down? Aren’t some parents psychotic enough to use their children to further extremist agendas? [H-L & The HIll]

California suspended legislative pay because no one wanted to balance that state’s budget. We should start doing that in Kentucky ASAP. [Wonkette]

The United States Postal Service is suspending pension payments. Yep, that’s the state of this nation. [WaPo]

China’s high-speed rail is a major boon to development, regardless of cost. We can’t even get basic transit rail in Kentucky. [NY Times]

Half of college-educated gays hide their sexual orientation at work. It’s almost as if, oh, right – people still get fired for being gay – even in Kentucky. [Slate]

A new study says tax hikes are necessary for states to meet funding needs for pension systems. [Reuters]

Mitch McConnell is living in fantasy land again and says 2012 could be like 1980 politically. Maybe he means in the sense that a young parking garage attendant and he will make pals? [Politico]

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  1. “Pots & Kettles in Politics”

    Reporter: “Senator, you claim President Obama has made America worse and that should be the GOP election theme.”

    Mitch: “Precisely–and it’s a fantastic argument.”

    Reporter: “What about all the terms you’ve been in Congress? Have they made the country any better?”

    Mitch: “You little twerp.”

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