Bob Farmer Makes Unfortunate Flap Get Flappier

Bob Farmer, who didn’t actually apologize (as we pointed out this morning), truly must be dumber than Richie Farmer and a sack full of meth-addled teabaggers.

His campaign is going insane over the publicity received for his ridiculous “comedy” video (don’t worry, Bob, there are more videos to come!) and is busy leaving comments all over our site and spamming us into submission, demanding that we publish longer videos of his. As if longer video clips will make this issue go away?

HAHA. Right.

Well, here ya go, Bob:

If anything, they make the situation worse. So much for that business experience making him the allegedly best-qualified person to run the state’s agriculture operations.

8 thoughts on “Bob Farmer Makes Unfortunate Flap Get Flappier

  1. Yes.

    Also required that you have a media consultant who sends me snippy emails without telling me whether or not they’re off-the-record.

  2. Actually, I kind of feel for the guy. He clearly was trying to make a living on the speker/humorist circuit, but then came the election scruitiny and all his jokes are counted against him as if he’s a bigot of some kind… Not fair, not fair.

  3. haha this guy just doesn’t know when to shut up!!! His media consultant was probably his next door neighbor. Belittle Kentuckians and in the fall they will show Bob just how little he is!!!!!!!!

  4. Not fair?

    He knew what he was getting himself into when he signed up for this.

    And these videos were brought to his attention a LONG time ago.

  5. Farmer’s “consultant” has won exactly one race in 11 years, which proves he has plenty of time to go all sock puppet across the Internet.

    Farmer is on an island politically. Even the judge executive in Pike County says this goof is no longer welcome there. He better start booking shows at Derby City now, that way he can at least salvage one career.

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