Is This The End Of Bob Farmer’s Campaign?

Ugh, here’s that foot-in-mouth moment from Bob Farmer:

Saying he’s not a farmer AND making fun of Eastern Kentucky?

I’d love for this guy to push that trash on the campaign trail.

Disgusting and shameful.

UPDATE —The RPK issued a release regarding the video:

“I will never respect the man for what he said about the people in my district,” said Robert Stivers, the Kentucky Senate Floor Leader representing Clay, Knox, Lee, McGoffin, Morgan, Owsley and Wolfe counties. “I represent hard-working people who pay taxes and support their families. A lot of Democrats from my area will not appreciate this man’s humor. He couldn’t run for dog catcher here.”

Senate Judiciary Chair Tom Jensen, who represents Estill, Jackson, Laurel, Menifee, and Powell counties, echoed Stivers’ sentiments. “Just when you think you’ve seen it all in politics, somebody surprises you and takes stupid to a new level,” said Jensen. “If this man doesn’t care about votes in Eastern Kentucky, he need not worry. He won’t be getting any.”

Senate Energy Chair Brandon Smith, representing Bell, Harlan, Leslie and Perry counties, weighed in on Farmer’s blunder. “This man may find it funny to degrade the people of my district, but I find it more amusing that a marketing executive would fail so miserably at marketing. Where is he trying to get votes…California?”

Republican Party of Kentucky of Chairman Steve Robertson delivered the most stinging blow. “If the Kentucky Democratic Party does not renounce this fool’s ridiculous little routine, it will lose every bit of credibility with voters,” blasted Robertson. “To Bob Farmer I would say this: don’t quit your day job…whatever it is. You will not be Kentucky’s next Agriculture Commissioner.”

I hear at least two more videos will surface prior to election day.

Guess we know the television spots will be insane.

Another Update — Here’s what Bob Farmer had to say in a statement:

“I sincerely apologize if my comments offended any of my fellow Kentuckians. Over the years I have spoken across the country to groups and shared my love for our Commonwealth and its people and hope that people see these comments as an attempt at humor not an insult.”

Something tells me he’s not prepared for the rest of the footage to hit.

12 thoughts on “Is This The End Of Bob Farmer’s Campaign?

  1. “Farmer’s Famous Mouth”

    Bob, which orifice is dirtier–the one on your face or the one for which you use the john? Dirtier and more disgusting than any I’ve seen in Eastern KY.

  2. This is appalling and offensive. As a resident of Louisville, this “man’s” comments are both hurtful and wildly inappropriate. I sincerely hope this man doesn’t get a chance to represent the good people of Eastern Kentucky.

  3. His campaign is a joke! I hope he apologizes to East KY folks. I’m from the west but this should offend every Kentuckian. This man wants to spread false stereotypes about our state as he travels the nation. Go back to Louisville! Happy Chandler always told you, you are in the people business, but did he ever tell you to shut the hell up Bob!

  4. “McGoffin” County? Sounds like RPK needs to learn a little about eastern KY, too.

    Not to worry, though. All those yellow dogs in Breathitt, Floyd and Knott won’t let this bother them. They’ll vote for the D just like they always do.

  5. The Democratic State Central Committee of the KDP should call a special meeting and denounce this clown for the embarassment that he is. If he doesn’t withdraw from this race he will cause harm to every Democrat on the ballot. It’s time for the KDP to weed out nuts like this and let them know they are not welcome in the Democratic Party.

  6. Just made a decision for me. Imagine of Bob Farmer had been talking about blacks that way? He would be gone today. Why is it any different with the people of EKY?

  7. For the most part, I’ve found that people in Louisville care more about Eastern Kentucky than Eastern Kentuckians.

    Bob Farmer is just obscene.

    Can’t wait for the other videos to be released so he can pretend they’re no big deal again. Can’t wait for the campaign ads.

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