Really, Jack Thinks This Is Just Gonna Go Away?

For the 29th day in a row Jack Conway has refused to answer questions about his familial shenanigans and Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson is again questioning him: “If Jack Conway has returned from his fancy vacation in South Carolina, I hope he has realized that we haven’t forgotten him…and that he cannot run from this situation,” said Robertson. “His poor judgment has crippled the Attorney General’s Office for too long. It’s time to come clean.” [Press Release]

Mitch McConnell agrees with former President Bill Clinton on Medicare. [Politico]

According to the latest U.S. Census data, married folks are now outnumbered. Less than half of the country’s households are headed by married people. [WaPo]

A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that a high school graduation in a San Antonio suburb may not include an opening and closing prayer or the words “invocation” or “benediction.” [HuffPo]

We only recently started to understand – after eleventeen million years – how the food guide pyramid works. Now we have to figger out how a round plate pie chart thingy works? [NY Times]

California lawmakers killed a measure banning gifts to themselves. It’s only a matter of time before Kentucky does the same thing. [LA Times]

Will the 2012 race tell the country who is afraid of ethanol? [NPR]

Housing prices in the United States have fallen below their 2009 low. [BBC]

Gubmint will maybe ease insurance availability for those with pre-existing health conditions. Just don’t hold your breath quite yet. [WaPo]

Don’t be fooled by those food stamp numbers earlier today. The share of the population on food stamps has grown in most states. [WSJ]

You think Steve Beshear will go check this fancy boat out for his re-election? I mean, it’ll be great publicity for the Ark Park. [Daily Mail]

Dear papaw: please start getting a grip before you take advantage of voters. At least TRY to act better than Republicans. [H-L]

Huge nerd moment: groundwater depletion can now be detected from space. [NY Times]

Blake Haselton is staying on in the wake of Robert Felner’s shenanigans until 2014. That’s a pretty good thing for the University of Louisville, we think. [C-J/AKN]

9 thoughts on “Really, Jack Thinks This Is Just Gonna Go Away?

  1. Jack’s response:

    Now maybe you’ll stop dancing to Steve Robertson’s silly little tune like some twisted marionette. I mean, please…”fancy vacation in South Carolina”?

    Somebody reported yesterday that Conway was in Hilton Head; one of the most popular, generic Memorial Day vacation spots in America. Yeah, real fancy. Where does Robertson go on vacation?

    Robertson thinks you’re stupid. Is he right?

  2. That’s not a response. That’s a poor attempt at deflection. Too little, too late.

    Jack says Republicans are out of bounds for questioning the situation.

    But he effectively gave his brother a two-day advance notice of a search warrant.

    And he admitted he met with an attorney WITH his brother – meaning there’s really no attorney-client privilege.

    Doesn’t help that the feds are poking around that mountain of placement agent/KRS/investment firm cash he got around the time he issued his opinion and had Riddle tooling around with Beshear-KRS.

    Really, Robertson thinks I’m stupid? Right. Like I’ve said for a month – Jack was being politically retarded by allowing this to boil over into a froth. He should have addressed it a long time ago. And you’re up shit creek without a paddle if you think this isn’t already in the bag as a campaign commercial.

    I appreciate your Jack trolling and constantly freaking out whenever he is questioned. It’s almost as bad as Jack when I first started offering legit criticism of his terrible campaign last year – he would freak his shit, he and two OAG staffers would call me and beg me to sit down for coffee, then he’d lie through his teeth.

    He needs to get his shit together. Needs to quit this game of pat-a-cake he’s going on. Nearly every single Democrat I’ve encountered this year – namely folks on the ticket with him – are expressing doubts and concern. He’s making Riddle moves (still, regardless of what he says). He’s sitting on his hands. Meanwhile, his psycho opponent is bouncing all over the state.

    Do you have any idea how few Kentuckians can afford to go to Hilton Head on a whim? Robertson plays to the small town newspaper crowd and believe me – it’s getting traction and his statements are being published by meemaw and poppop from Salyersville to Mayfield.

  3. “And he admitted he met with an attorney WITH his brother”

    No. He said he helped his brother find counsel. I know that if I need a lawyer, the first person I go to is one in the family if possible. Even if only to get a recommendation.

    “I appreciate your Jack trolling and constantly freaking out whenever he is questioned.”

    You mean the precisely TWO times I’ve commented on this issue? Is that really a lot compared to the number of times you’ve repeated the RPK’s cartoonish smears verbatim? You and your buddy Robertson have been bellyaching about an answer. Now you got one. But since you both had already made up your minds, it’s clear that NO answer would have met your expectations. If you wanted a specific answer so badly perhaps you should have sent a script or something to Conway’s office so he might consider giving one that would satisfy.

    Do me a favor. Think hard. What do you REALLY want Conway to say? If you could pull some ventriloquist trick and make Conway say anything you wanted, what would it be?

    “Do you have any idea how few Kentuckians can afford to go to Hilton Head on a whim?”

    Yeah, actually. More than you think. I was just there myself. First time. Sure, it costs a bit more than going down to mom & dad’s for a cookout, but it’s not an inherently expensive place (I guess it CAN be, but we managed it on a budget.) My blue collar Eastern KY in-laws go all the time. And I’m pretty sure NO Attorney General in the country can go anywhere “on a whim.” (Didja get that phrase from Robertson too?)

    Regardless, does it really freakin’ matter where Conway goes on vacation? Really? And if so, why aren’t we reading about where P’Pool went this weekend? Or Robertson? Why is that not important? P’Pool’s law degree is worth just as much as Conway’s. He’s in law enforcement. Got his name on billboards all over W.Ky. What clever little dogwhistle phrases can we print about him?

    I cannot beLIEVE you are buying Robertson’s BS. It’s one thing to be skeptical of Conway’s side of the story, but entirely another to parrot Robertson’s pandering little word games while he tries to paint Conway using textbook GOP anti-intellectual good-ol’-boy rhetoric. And this garbage about “crippling” the Attorney General’s office. Please. Yeah, I’m sure this petty issue is really hampering dozens of state employees’ ability to do their jobs. Why, my stars n’ garters, bid’ness in the Capitol has just ground to a halt!

    Let me be clear. My problem here is NOT about Conway’s campaign effectiveness. Actually, on that issue we agree; and I’m just as disappointed with his approach as anybody. My problem is with the fact that you have been suckered into Robertson’s dirty campaign emails and his pandering to the base of the RPK. Seriously, question Conway all you want. But don’t print Robertson’s wink-wink scribblings verbatim without at least pointing out how very, very silly they are.

    You have allowed Steve Robertson to frame the debate with his smears. Perhaps that is your intention. But from where I sit, you’re being led around by the nose and you should darn well know better.

  4. Jack said he met with them.

    You’ve commented dozens of times – only about Jack – always blowing smoke.

    RPK Smears? Really? This is one of the few times RPK HASN’T smeared.

    What I REALLY want Jack to do is be honest. It’ll never happen. Because he’s turned into everything he said he wasn’t – a political hack. It was less than two years ago he complained to me about his “Roger Clinton brother” and here he is acting like it’s no big deal. Please.

    You can’t go to Hilton Head with $50 and stay for a few days. You can’t even go to Hilton Head and stay a few days for $250. Get over the vacation bit. You’re bitter. RPK could be saying much worse and I’m sure they will. So will Todd Pee Pee. I’m sure they’ll talk about his Glenview manse.

    If anything, Robertson gets his phrases from me, sweetie. Don’t kid yourself.

    I’m more than skeptical of Jack. And if you had a clue, you’d step back. Because I’m more than happy to start writing about everything the Republicans push my way. These daily releases are just scratching the surface. Would you like that, Jack? Maybe we could talk about those physicians your family has a tight relationship with? Maybe a little problem in Woodford County? Huh? Want me to come down from my ivory tower and throw the research book at my readership comprised of every reporter in the state? Maybe I could reveal the full details of the KRS shenanigans? Yeah? Maybe talk about what I’ve gleaned from Trimpa? Would you like that?

    Please. You folks need to get a grip and stop taking every word ever written so seriously.

    Suckered? I believe you mean pushing RPK to send them out. Call RPK and ask about that. I’m being led nowhere. If Jack had a worthy opponent, I’d be voting for them. Unfortunately, I won’t be voting for either candidate in that race. Jack is a fucking disgrace who has proved to me for the past year and a half that he is incapable of being a solid attorney general, is a terrible candidate and couldn’t do the right political thing in any situation. It’s obscene the shit I have ignored and let slide. No more.

    So now I’m powerful and I have the ability to allow people to frame things? Funny how that works. One day I’m nobody and the next I’m front-page news, powerful, literally controlling the statewide conversation. Which is it?

    P.S. Liberty Christ won his election. That troll of a teabagger mopped the floor with Jack.

  5. “You’ve commented dozens of times – only about Jack – always blowing smoke.”

    False. You must have me mistaken with someone else. I’m sure you have some kind of blog record to refer to, while I am not afforded the same access. But on the issue with Jack & his brother and the RPK smears, I’m quite certain I have commented on exactly two posts. This one, and one a few days ago.

    The only other time I can recall commenting directly about Jack was when I was asking if his mere presence in Owensboro for an AG anti-drug event counts as a campaign stop. I may have commented elsewhere; I’ve been reading this site for a while. But I’m pretty sure “dozens” of comments “blowing smoke” is not accurate.

    “RPK could be saying much worse and I’m sure they will.”

    Yes, and I’m sure you’ll just uncritically copy/paste them here.

    You’ve made up your mind. And that’s fine. But it’s still troubling that you can’t tell healthy skepticism from a smear. Here, I’ll try to help (for all the good it’ll do)…

    This is a question/concern expressed in good faith:

    “Jack Conway has allegedly intervened in a criminal matter involving his brother. Kentucky voters deserve a straight answer regarding the extent of his involvement, if any.”

    THESE are partisan smears:

    “Jack Conway has returned from his fancy vacation in South Carolina”

    “He grants himself a vacation. Clearly, this man is not worried about answering to anyone.”

    “Jack Conway is so consumed with matters that might affect his political career or his political buddies that he can’t find the time to do some real work for the people of Kentucky”

    Etc. Ad nauseam.

    Now, as I said, if you’re going to reprint those verbatim as you receive them from the RPK, I can’t stop you. But it behooves anyone with intellectual honesty to separate them from the actual issue and point out that they are, in fact, partisan trolling of the silliest kind.

    “One day I’m nobody and the next I’m front-page news, powerful, literally controlling the statewide conversation. Which is it?”

    I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about there. I can’t recall having asserted either point. So, in an equally ridiculous non sequitur, here is a link to a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head:

  6. False? Both your username, IP address AND fake email address you use. Dozens of times. Shall I screnshot all of them and/or link to them?

    The only time you comment is regarding Jack.

    Copy/paste them? I probably gave them to RPK.

    Tell me why the truth is a smear. I’m waiting. Everything Robertson released is factual and accurate.

    You mean the trolling you’re doing? Wait – maybe you’re Elizabeth, who sits at home reading me obsessively and calling Jack to freak out? And then Allison or Jim call me the next day on the taxpayer’s dime to ask me to stop writing? Heh. Do I need to publish those phone records I hinted at last year?

    I’m so done with you holier-than-thou people who act as if Democrats can do no wrong.

  7. Jake wrote:

    “Maybe we could talk about those physicians your family has a tight relationship with? Maybe a little problem in Woodford County? Huh? . . . . . Maybe I could reveal the full details of the KRS shenanigans? Yeah? Maybe talk about what I’ve gleaned from Trimpa? Would you like that?”

    (Eyebrows raise quickly and with exaggeration)

    I see a Bravo mini-series in the making. Yep, I’ll stay tuned.

    Continue your discussion.

  8. Jack Conway, as attorney general has many skeletons waiting to be aired out; not just the fact he acted unethically with his brother impugning the entire Kentucky Unified Prosecutorial system.

    One interesting skeleton is John Dudinskie. Amazing how fast they found Dudinskie a job in the transportation department after they discovered what Dudinskie had been doing, and how Greg Stumbo hired Dudinskie inthe AG’s office a few short months after Dudinskies wife sat on the Ernie Fletcher grand jury.

    Many skeletons in the AG’s office.

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