Oh Snap Monday! Rapture Didn’t Come Saturday

Former foes are joining forces for education reform in Washington. [NY Times]

Take a look at this: the Bush tax cuts projected as the largest contributor to public debt. [HuffPo]

How insane is it that David Williams says he would have gone to hang with President Barack Obama at Ft. Campbell had he been governor? [WKYT]

Mitch McConnell says the Democrats are playing politics with the energy crisis. And the world rolls its eyes. [The Hill]

Let’s take a look ahead at the general election in November. Since it’s Monday and all. [Amanda Van Benschoten]

Is it just us or is Al Cross beside himself that David Williams won the Republican primary? He was highly agitated on KET the other night. [C-J/AKN]

Take a look inside Glenn Beck’s departure from Fox News. Crazy has never looked so crazy. [NY Magazine]

David Williams told Republicans over the weekend that he has a heart. He did not say, however, whether or not Mitch McConnell is some kind or borg or whether Reeeechie can spell. [H-L]

Some large unions are cutting back their campaign contributions because they’re frustrated with Democrats. [WaPo]

You know how the rapture was supposed to take place on Saturday? Well, about that… hahaha. [NPR]

Here’s even more about those psycho doomsday cultists and their failed rapture shenanigans. [Slate & BBC]

Despite that mining disaster, a report says Massey Energy has not changed and executives have stayed on. [Pro Publica]

How can any one person defend a $500,000 jewelry debt? What the living shiz? [HuffPo]

What the heck is all this business with Steve Henry? [Click the Clicky]

A two-year-old in Sandy Hook has died after accidentally shooting herself. What the crap! [H-L]

2 thoughts on “Oh Snap Monday! Rapture Didn’t Come Saturday

  1. “To Harold Camping & Co., with Love”

    Christ: “Now they’re predicting yet another precise date for Doomsday. What money suckers. May God help them. I’ll pick the time when it seems most merciful and least harmful.”

  2. If Gingrich wants to play Uncle Scrooge McDuck diving into gold encrusted diamonds, that really is his business if it was his money. And it well could have been diamonds, in bulk, as an investment. With inflation going the way it is, a lot of people want their commodity investments in hand.

    Gingrich isn’t going to win, and he divides vote my guy doesn’t play to (except when people are deluded and think Gingrich is a fiscal conservative and there isn’t much that can be done with that level of delusion.)

    Cloture vote was set for 5 pm today on the Patriot Act, since they thought your Jr senator would be out of town. If you don’t like the patriot act you might send some noise to your Senator’s office (the other one). They plan to extend it 4 years without the amendment to repeal the already permenant NS letters. I want it all gone, but those letters are actually worse than what is up for renewal now…. I’m saying vote no on cloture (it will make cloture anyhow) then vote for the amendment to ax the national security letters.

    Happy Monday after Rapture Jake.

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