Steve Beshear Definitely Afraid Of Barack Obama

Steve Beshear is pretending that he won’t be around for Barack Obama’s visit to Ft. Campbell tomorrow.

Check this from the Herald-Leader:

“Unfortunately, the president’s visit was not confirmed until late last night – too late to make arrangements in the governor’s schedule, considering his Oaks Day obligations,” said Beshear spokeswoman Kerri Richardson when asked why Beshear will not be with the president, a fellow Democrat.


You catch that?

Blaming his re-election fears on the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby. AND lying about when the President’s visit was confirmed. There was no “late last night” at all.

The visit was confirmed and arranged so early in the afternoon that it was able to be announced to the Kentucky press at 6:42 P.M. – hours later.

It’s a really tough call, isn’t it? Hanging out with rich people at Churchill Downs or standing with the President of the United States and members of the 101st at Ft. Campbell. One has to wonder why the First Lady (come on, it’s Oaks – the lady race) can’t handle horsey responsibilities.


9 thoughts on “Steve Beshear Definitely Afraid Of Barack Obama

  1. Unfortunately this doesn’t hurt him politically in the state since too many Kentuckians are for anyone but the President.

    However this reinforces my leaning to not vote in this gubernatorial race. I can’t support any republican choice but Beshear has lost this yellow-dog Democrat.

    It’s the President in your state. You, as governor, go. End of story.

  2. Understood. But it is a slap against the office of the presidency to snub him on a visit. Bigger slap to snub a visit to military personnel for a horse race (and I love the Oaks).

    So make that two snubs, and me doubly disgusted.

  3. This is an absolute slap in the face to the members of the 101st. Gov Beshear you are a disgrace to the state of Kentucky. The President has killed Bin Landen, the least you can do is welcome the troops home and support your president.

  4. Another reason for this Democrat to support Gatewood and Dea Riley for Governor/Lt Governor.
    Imagine saying a damn horse race is more important than being able to say thank you to the troops home from the War, with the President of the USA. Beshears priorities are not mine.

  5. This isn’t even politically expedient. To pass on a photo op with Navy SEALS, in this election cycle, is unfathomable.

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