There’s A Lesbian Plot To Get Rid Us Of Babies!

The Fairness Campaign today endorsed John Lackey for Commissioner of Agriculture. Yes, the gays are endorsing in the ag race. [Press Release]

A judge ruled at the EPA must enforce its anti-pollution rules and that Florida has failed to protect the Everglades. [HuffPo]

Oh noes! Pat Robertson and the 700 Club have exposed a scary lesbian plot to rid the world’s women of babies! [Wonkette]

The Supreme Court heard arguments today that could put a constitutional cloud of doubt over hundreds, if not thousands, of state and local ethics laws across the country. [NPR]

Standard & Poor’s, the International Monetary Fund and China, oh my. [The Hill]

Of course this birthed crap is race code. But Donald Trump probably isn’t racist – just ignorant. [Politico]

Some interesting thoughts on teabaggers from a comedian. No, they’re not thoughts on legitimate tea partiers. Just teabaggers. [Twitter]

How did President Barack Obama’s effort to make government more transparent go so wrong? [Slate]

Response to a Pennsylvania gas well accident took 13 hours despite a state plan for quick action. This is some interesting investigative journalism. [ProPublica]

Much of corporate political spending stays hidden. A Times review finds only a few of America’s major energy, health care and financial companies fully disclose their political contributions. [LA Times]

Republicans are apparently screening questions and duck out of town hall meetings under veils of secrecy. Funny how they attack Democrats for actually holding events and then run from staged events themselves. [HuffPo]

Do you know the real-life impacts of the Defense Of Marriage Act? Then maybe you should educate yourself. [Freedom to Marry]

Currently 25 counties & 11 cities have been declared disaster areas in Kentucky. [Press Release]

The Obama birth certificate story has everyone going insane today. Here are some stories about it:

  • Obama’s birth certificate gambit and Trump’s role. [WaPo]
  • There’s The Birth Certificate: TPM’s Best Of The Birthers. [TPM]
  • And so, having disposed of the monster, exit our hero through the front door, stage right, none the worse for his harrowing experience. [FOK News]
  • Confronting the coded racism of Donald Trump. [AMERICABlog]
  • What a shock: birthers aren’t convinced by release of long form birth certificate. [Daily Kos]

4 thoughts on “There’s A Lesbian Plot To Get Rid Us Of Babies!

  1. No matter what President Obama does it will never be good enough for some people. The live birth certificate was enough proof for me as well as the Hawaiian newspaper birth announcement. The conspiracy theory about the birth announcement was so stupid. Even if his parents put it in the paper, which it was proven they did not (the certificates come from the State based on hospital records), they had no idea their baby boy would end up as the President of the United States. Rolling my eyes…

  2. “Not Playin’ Patty-Cake”

    Lesbian: “”Hey, Pat, you want my place in the stirrups?”

    Robertson: “Hell, no! That’s what Eve was made for.”

    Lesbian: “See how it hurts so ungodly, Pat.”

    Robertson: “Grin and bear it, woman. I’m goin’ to my Bible and La-Z-Boy.”

  3. About those Town Halls, Cenk (or however it is spelled) on MSNBC confronted Ron Paul about those, since Ron voted against the Ryan budget, but said the reason was because it didn’t solve any problems. Don’t think Cenk expected the answer he got. I’d post a link but I know those are worrisome. It’s currently front page of the forums, though, if you are insomniac and want to see it.

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